General Safety Instructions. CFM Corporation RMC-TT15, RMC-TT15P, RMC-TT30, RMC-TT30P

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General Safety Instructions. CFM Corporation RMC-TT15, RMC-TT15P, RMC-TT30, RMC-TT30P | Manualzz

General Safety Instructions

Accidents are always tragic, especially because so many of them could have been prevented with a little care and judgement. The following are basic good practices, we hope you will follow for the safe use of your heater.

Important: Read this user’s manual carefully and completely before trying to operate or service this heater. Improper use of this heater can cause serious injury or death from burns, fire, explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Safety Precautions

Make certain you read and understand all warnings. Do not allow anyone who has not read this manual to operate this heater. Keep this manual for reference. It is your guide to safe and proper operation of this heater.

1. Check the heater thoroughly for damage. DO NOT operate a damaged heater.

2. Do not modify the heater or operate a heater which has been modified from its original condition.

3. Read and understand this manual before assembling or using this heater. Improper use of this heater can cause serious injury.

4. For outdoor use only. Do not use inside house, camper, tent, vehicle or any type of unvented or enclosed area.

5. Never operate heater while sleeping or unattended.

Keep children and animals away from heater.

6. This heater produces carbon monoxide, which is listed by the State of California as a reproductive toxin under Proposition 65.

7. Minimum heater clearances from combustibles:

Top and Front

Sides and Rear

5 ft.

3 ft.

8. Use only in well vented areas.

9. Use only propane gas set up for vapor withdrawal.

10. Before connecting heater to propane tank, make sure heater regulator knob is in the “OFF” position.

Always connect and light heater in areas free of open flames.

11. Before each use, check heater for leaks. Never use an open flame to check for a leak. Apply a mixture of liquid soap and water to all joints. Bubbles forming show a leak. Correct all leaks at once.

12. Locate propane tank on a stable and level surface.

The heater burners must be at least two feet above the floor. Always attach heater to propane tank in an upright position. Never operate heater on its side or attach to propane tank in a horizontal position. This could lead to dangerous flare-ups or fire.

13. Do not use heater in basement or below ground level. Propane is heavier than air. If a leak occurs, propane gas will sink to the lowest possible level. If you smell gas or suspect a leak, shut off the propane tank valve at once and ventilate the area. Do not strike a match or create any flame or electric spark. Find and correct leak before attempting to light any appliance. If you cannot correct leak, do not tamper with heater. Return heater to nearest authorized service center or to address on back page of this manual, freight prepaid.

14. Do not remove or handle a hot or operating heater.

Do not attach or remove a propane tank from a hot or operating heater. Severe burns may result.

15. Always remove heater from propane tank after each use. Always store propane tank outdoors. Never store propane tank in an enclosed area. Never store propane tank near high heat, open flame or where temperatures exceed 100



16. Keep all connections and fittings clean. Make sure propane tank valve outlet is clean. Check the “O: ring on the heater inlet fuel connector for damage before each use. Replace if worn or damaged.

17. Do not attempt to light one burner off of the other.

Use one match per burner.

18. Do not overlap or point burners at each other.

19. Do not raise burner heads and cover air inlet holes in mixing tube with burner head bracket.

20. Wing nuts and burner heads become very hot during operation. Do not attempt to adjust burner position while heater is operating. Allow 15 minutes to cool.

21. Check heater for damage before each use. Do not use a damaged heater. Do not alter heater. Keep heater in its original state. Do not use heater if altered.

22. If possible, keep containers in a warm area (under no circumstances should the heater exhaust be directed toward the propane container).



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