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22 Chapter 2. TV Connections

Before You Begin

Choosing a Language for Menus

When you power on the TV for the first time, you can select either English or Spanish for all menus. You can later change the language through the Setup menu.





DVR (digital video recorder, recordable DVD)


HD Disc (high-definition disc)



The name you assign here will appear in the Input

Selection menu and can be changed later through the

Input Name menu.

3. Press EXIT to close the screen. If you connected several devices at the same time, the screen for the next connection will open.

Figure 1. The Welcome screen lets you change the menu language when you first power on the TV.

ClearThought® Easy Connect Auto Input


This TV’s ClearThought® auto input sensing feature allows it to detect most connections automatically. The first time you connect each device you will be prompted to identify it by selecting from a pre-set list of device names. The table below defines how connections on each TV jack are handled.

Auto Detection Active

INPUT 1, 2, 3 video jacks

No Auto Detection



HDMI* (all jacks)


IEEE 1394

All AUDIO jacks

* If the device is powered off when connected, detection occurs when the device is next powered on.

1. Connect your devices to the TV, making note of which

TV input you have used for each device.

The TV and the devices can be either on or off when connecting. If the TV is powered off, the detection process will occur the next time you turn on the TV.

2. For most devices, the Auto Input Sensing screen opens (see figure 2). With the text box highlighted, press to select a name for the device from the following list of names:

Figure 2. The Auto Input Sensing screen appears when a device is first detected. Select a name for the connected device in this screen.

More About Auto Input Sensing

• You can change the input name at a later time using the Input Name menu.

• If you disconnect a device and then later connect a different device to the unused jack, open the Input

Name menu to update the device name.

• Antenna inputs ( ANT 1/ANT 2) and TV outputs are never auto-detected.

• Be careful to choose different names for each input.

IEEE 1394 Connections

The screen in figure 3 appears when you make an IEEE

1394 connection,

IEEE 1394 Device with an Analog Connection.

Some IEEE 1394 devices have both digital and analog outputs to the TV. If you have such a device, place a check mark in the Analog Connection check box to:

• Allow a cable box with both analog and digital outputs to switch automatically between them.


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