Connection Types. Mitsubishi LT-37131

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Connection Types. Mitsubishi LT-37131 | Manualzz

24 Chapter 2. TV Connections

Before You Begin, continued

Connection Types

Video and Combined Audio/Video Connections

These descriptions apply to TV video only and do not cover signals from personal computers.

Picture Quality

(most sources)

Name Signal Type


(not to scale)


(carry highdefinition video when available)




Fair to Best

(depending on source; carry all qualities of signals)


Digital audio and video

Digital video

Component Video Analog video

S -Video Analog video

Composite Video Analog video

IEEE 1394


RF Coaxial Video

Digital audio and video

Analog and digital audio and video

Additional Information

Carries digital audio and uncompressed digital video on a single one-way cable.

Carries uncompressed digital video alone on a single one-way cable; requires separate audio connections.

Carries analog high-definition and standard-definition signals.

Y Pb Pr RCA-style connectors are colored green, blue, and red.

Carries analog standard-definition signals. Provides better quality video than composite or

RF coaxial video.

Carries analog standard-definition signals. RCA-style connector, usually colored yellow

Carries compressed digital video and audio as well as device control signals on a single two-way cable.

Carries audio and video on a single cable.

Note: Only some TV signals are high-defi nition signals. To view high-defi nition programming from your cable or satellite provider, you must subscribe to the provider’s high-defi nition service. Some over-the-air broadcasts are in high-defi nition and can be received with a high-quality antenna suited to your location.

Audio-Only Connections

There are two types of audio connections used on this TV. Refer to the table below.

Audio Connection


(not to scale)

Left/Right Analog

Stereo Audio

Digital Audio (Coaxial)

Additional Information

RCA-style connectors usually colored white for left and red for right stereo audio. For monaural sound (all speakers playing the same sound), use only the white connector.

RCA-style connector usually colored orange. Use to send digital audio from the TV to your digital A/V receiver for surround-sound effects. Usually the only audio connection required between the TV and the A/V receiver.


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