Bypassing the Ratings Lock and Lock by Time. Mitsubishi LT-37131

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Bypassing the Ratings Lock and Lock by Time. Mitsubishi LT-37131 | Manualzz

Parental Lock Menu, continued

1. Highlight the button labelled Other Ratings on the

Parental Lock menu (figure 10) and press ENTER to open the Other Ratings menu (figure 12).

2. Press to select On or Off.

3. If you selected On, press to move to the Rating

Group box.

Note that you can change settings only for the rating system available on the currently tuned channel. In the figure above, for example, the Canadian rating system is in effect. To change settings at a later time for the Canadian rating system, you must again tune to a channel broadcasting the Canadian system.

4. Press to select from the subgroups available for the rating system— English or French in this example.

5. Press to move to the Rating box.

6. Press to select the program rating level you want to block.

7. Press ENTER to add a check mark to indicate blocking is in effect for the rating. When a rating shows a check mark, press ENTER to remove the check mark and allow programs with this rating.

8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for each additional rating system you would like to set up.

9. Press MENU to return to the Parental Lock menu or press EXIT to close all menus.

Bypassing the Ratings Lock and Lock by


If you try to watch blocked programming, a notice appears prompting you for a pass code. To use the TV:

• Input your four-digit pass code and press ENTER.

• Change to a channel airing an allowed program or change to another device.

If you try to use the TV when it is locked by time, a similar screen appears, prompting you for your pass code.

To reactivate the rating lock or TV Lock by Time after using the pass code, power the TV off and then on.

Chapter 4. TV Menu Settings 57


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