Front panel. Asus DRW-0804P-D

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Front panel

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1. Emergency eject pinhole

The Emergency Eject Pinhole allows you to manually eject a disc when the Eject Button does not work due to power failure or software problems. Insert the emergency eject pin or the tip of a paper clip into this hole to manually eject the tray and the disc. Refer to page 20 for details.

Turn off your computer before using the Emergency Eject Pinhole.

2. READ/WRITE indicator

This LED is lit (Green) when data is being read or written on the disc.

3. Disc loading tray

This tray holds the disc. Open the loading tray by pressing the Eject

Button. Place a CD or DVD on the tray with the label side up. Press the

Eject Button or push the front part of the tray to load the disc.

4. Eject button

Press this button to eject the tray and load or remove a disc.

ASUS DRW-0804P DVD ± R/RW drive 11


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