Installing the device. Asus DRW-0804P-D

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Installing the device. Asus DRW-0804P-D | Manualzz

Installing the device

Follow these steps to install the drive into the computer chassis.

Refer to your computer manual for specific instructions on opening the chassis and installing drives.

1. Remove the cover of an empty 5.25-inch external drive bay.

2. Carefully insert the drive into the bay and push it inward until it is flushed to the chassis front panel. The holes on the sides of the drive should align with the holes on the drive bay.

ASUS DRW-0804P DVD ± R/RW drive 15

3. Secure the drive with screws that came with the drive package. Use two screws on each side of the drive.

Depending on the space on your chassis, you may need to connect the drive cables before securing the drive into the chassis. For cable connections, proceed to the following section, “Connecting the Drive Cables.”

16 ASUS DRW-0804P DVD ± R/RW drive


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