Front Control Panel. Mitsubishi LT-37132, LT-46231

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Front Control Panel. Mitsubishi LT-37132, LT-46231 | Manualzz

14 Chapter 1. Television Overview

TV Front Panel, Power Button and


Front Control Panel

To access the front control panel, gently press on the panel door located below the Mitsubishi logo on the front of the TV. The shaded buttons on the front control panel and the power button duplicate keys on the remote control.

See “Remote Control Overview” in chapter 3, “TV Operation,” for further details on the functions of these buttons.

These numbered items refer to the illustration on the right:

1 Front Control Panel buttons (except for SYSTEM

RESET) duplicate keys on the remote control.

2 The POWER button duplicates the POWER key on the remote control. It is located underneath the front of the TV below the “POWER” label.

3 POWER/TIMER indicator (lit during normal operation; flashing when auto-on TV Timer is set)

4 STATUS indicator (off during normal TV operation)

5 SYSTEM RESET button (see description on this page)


7 IR LEARNING SENSOR (used to learn the remote control commands of other devices so these devices can be controlled by the TV’s remote control)


System Reset Button

If the TV does not respond to the remote control, front panel controls, or will not power on/off, press the SYSTEM RESET button on the front panel with a pointed object, such as the point of a pencil or end tip of a paperclip.

The green LED will flash quickly for about one minute.

When the green LED stops flashing, you may turn on the

TV. The changes you made most recently, before using

SYSTEM RESET, may be lost. Changes you made previously, however, are not lost.

Input 3 A/V Jacks

INPUT 3 provides an easily accessible set of standard audio/video jacks. These jacks allow for convenient connection of a camcorder or other audio/video device. Note that if you connect to the S-VIDEO jack, the VIDEO jack is deactivated.





POWER button


Front Control Panel Cover

Lift the cover to access the control panel buttons and INPUT 3 A/V jacks, as well as to use the NetCommand “learn” feature.

Close the cover after NetCommand

“learning” is complete.


A/ V Memory Reset

If you wish to reset the A/V (Audio/Video) settings back to the factory defaults:

• To reset all settings at once, press GUIDE and FORMAT on the front panel at the same time.

• To reset the defaults for individual devices, use the

A/V Memory Reset selection on the Audio/Video menu.

7 8 Front Control Panel


To enable NetCommand “learning,” you must first lift the Front Control Panel Cover on the front of the TV.

Signals from the remote control must be able to reach the IR Learning sensor on the front control panel. See “Initial NetCommand® Setup” in chapter 3 for more information.


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