Adjustments. Exmark Phazer, Phazer PHZ19KA343CA, 977, 820, Phazer PHZ19KA343

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Adjustments. Exmark Phazer, Phazer PHZ19KA343CA, 977, 820, Phazer PHZ19KA343 | Manualzz



Note: Disengage PTO, shut off engine, wait for all moving parts to stop, engage parking brake, and remove key before servicing, cleaning, or making any adjustments to the unit.

Deck Leveling

1. Position mower on a flat surface.

2. Stop engine, wait for all moving parts to stop, and remove key. Engage parking brake.

3. Check tire pressure in drive tires. Proper inflation pressure for tires is 13 psi (90 kPa). Adjust if necessary. Semi-pneumatic caster tires Do Not need to be inflated.

4. Set anti-scalp rollers to top holes (if installed) or remove them completely for this adjustment.

5. Lower the deck to the 1 1/2 inch (3.8 cm) height position. Place two 1 1/8 inch (2.9 cm) thick blocks under the rear edge of the cutting deck skirt; one on each side of the cutting deck.

6. Place a 1 inch (2.5 cm) block under the center front edge, but not under the anti-scalp roller brackets.

7. Loosen the four bottom chain bolts in slots until the deck is supported by the blocks. Take the slack out of the chains and retighten the hardware.

8. Recheck that blocks fit just snugly under the deck skirt and that the tension on all the chains is approximately equal. Make sure all chain attachment bolts are tight.

9. Reposition anti-scalp rollers (if installed) and tighten securely.

Note: When above adjustments have been made, the front of the deck will be slightly lower than the rear of the deck.

Pump Drive Belt Tension

Self-tensioning - No adjustment necessary.

Deck Drive Belt Tension

Self-tensioning – No adjustment necessary.

Electric Clutch Adjustment

No adjustment necessary.

Motion Control Linkage


Note: There are two lever height options available.

Place the levers in the top two holes to increase height of the levers, or in the bottom two holes to decrease the height of the levers.

1. Align the levers front/rear position. With the levers in the neutral position, loosen the hardware and adjust the levers sliding and/or tilting the lever(s) forward or backward until properly

aligned and tighten hardware (Figure 14).


Motion control levers


Spring disc washer

Figure 14


3/8-16 x 1 inch screw

2. If the ends of the levers hit against each other, while in the drive position (levers rotated in as far as possible), make adjustments by moving the levers outwards to the neutral lock position and carefully bending them outward. Move them back to the drive position and check for clearance.

Repeat if necessary.

3. If the machine turns right or left when handles are pushed forward together, adjust the stop on the

side opposite the direction of turn (see Figure 15).

Move the stop back until the unit drives straight.

Readjust handles if necessary.



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