G. Toshiba Z10t, PT132U00500S, PT132U00600S, Z10t-A1111, Z10t-A1110, PT132U-00500S, Z15t-A1210, PT131U00202D

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G. Toshiba Z10t, PT132U00500S, PT132U00600S, Z10t-A1111, Z10t-A1110, PT132U-00500S, Z15t-A1210, PT131U00202D | Manualzz

144 Glossary

Function key —(1) A feature in which certain keys in combination with the Fn key can set system options or control system parameters, such as the battery save mode.

(2) A key or combination of keys that activates a memory resident program.

function keys —The keys labeled F1 through F12 , typically located on the keyboard. Their function is determined by the operating system and/or individual programs.


ground —A conductor to which all components of an electric circuit are connected. It has a potential of zero (0) volts, is connected to the earth, and is the point of reference for voltages in the circuit.


hard disk —A storage device composed of a rigid platter or platters that can be magnetically coded with data. Hard disks hold much more information than some external media and are used for long-term storage of programs and data.

The primary (or only) hard disk in a computer is usually fixed, but some computers have secondary hard disks that are removable.

hardware —The physical components of a computer system.




HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) —An interface used to transmit high quality audio and video signal via a single cable in digital format, providing better picture quality than analog signal.

HDMI-CEC (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) —

One A/V component can control another while using this function, if connected with HDMI cables. See also



Hibernation —A feature of many Toshiba computers that saves to the internal storage drive the current state of your work, including all open files and programs, when you turn the computer off. When you turn on the computer again, your work is returned to the same state it was when the computer was turned off. See also

Sleep, Suspend


hot swapping —The ability to add or remove devices from a computer while the computer is running and have the operating system automatically recognize the change.


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