How to Use DVD±RW and Other Discs. Samsung 8 x slim external dvd writer, SE-S084D, SE-S084B, SE-S084C

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How to Use DVD±RW and Other Discs. Samsung 8 x slim external dvd writer, SE-S084D, SE-S084B, SE-S084C | Manualzz

SAMSUNG DVD±R/RW Drive User's Manual

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The External DVD Writer allows writing DVD±RW discs using Nero Express and enables

"packet writing" (high-speed recording) using InCD.

The drive also allows writing DVD±R discs using Nero Express.

Unauthorized copying of DVD or software titles is illegal and the individuals that make illegal copies will be held responsible for any copyright infringement.

Using low-quality discs may lengthen the recording time or not supporting due to reduction in double speed.

You can use the External DVD Writer to playback music CDs, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, or DVD-

ROM discs, like a CD-ROM drive or a DVD-ROM drive. If your computer recognizes the [CD-

ROM] icon designated to the External DVD Writer as the 'E:' drive, insert a CD-ROM or a DVD-

ROM disc and access the 'E:' drive. if you want to use this product to play a commercial DVD-Video title("DVD title')

Most of DVD titles in the market adopt the Dolby sound system.

You are required to install software that supports Dolby decoding on your PC before you can play a DVD title using the DVD writer purchased.

How to obtain commercial software supporting Dolby decoding

Visit the website of Nero:

(You can use other compliant software if you want to.)

DVD Region Protection Coding (RPC):

The RPC feature is supported on DVD players and is used with DVD-video discs (such as movies).

Currently, the motion picture industry has divided the world into different regions or zones that correspond to the regional markets into which the motion picture industry releases movies. Simply put,

RPC codes are placed on movies marketed throughout the world, based on the region of the world inwhich they are being sold. These RPC codes help control and prevent pirating of new movies into other motion picture regions prior to their true release dates within those markets.

The External DVD Writer supports RPCphase II. In the RPC-2 mode, the local code can be changed by users. RPC-2is selected by default for the External DVD Writer.

You can change the region code up to five times via an MPEG application.

Please contact your dealer or local SAMSUNG representative if you wish to change the local code more than five times.

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