MAGIC SPEED. Samsung 8 x slim external dvd writer, SE-S084D, SE-S084B, SE-S084C

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MAGIC SPEED. Samsung 8 x slim external dvd writer, SE-S084D, SE-S084B, SE-S084C | Manualzz

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What is a MAGIC SPEED?

MAGIC SPEED is a program that supports user to select at his or her discretion the reading speed of

CD disc between two modes offered by drive: Maximum Speed Mode (Max Mode) and Silent Mode.

Development Background

ODD products launched nowadays are providing a high reading speed.

With the increased reading speed, faster data processing has become possible. However, high rotation speed often causes louder noise, and it is more possible to crash the cracked or bent discs. Against this backdrop, our Company has developed a speed-down algorithm and applied this technology to newlylaunched products to provide safer and more comfortable environments for PC users.

※ What is Speed-down Algorithm?

It establishes a safer disc reading speed in operating the device in order to prevent possible disc crashes in using CDs with cracks in starting. In addition, for customers who want to play CDs at its maximum speed, MAGIC SPEED program offers the function of selecting reading speed, so that customers can set the speed as they want. (Recording speed will run at recordable speed without limit)

What Are MAGIC SPEED Mode and How to Use


● Max Mode: Setting reading speed to its maximum level provided by drive.

● Silent Mode: Setting reading speed to a stable low speed.

● Any mode set by Magic Speed will be reset to "Low nosie mode" when the PC restarts, so please check the current mode if you want to use “The maximum speed mode” and change the settings where necessary.

Caution: A disc with crack may be crashed in playing with Max Mode. We recommend you to use such disc in Silent Mode, or make a copy immediately before use.


● First, install MAGIC SPEED program registered on our website.

● On MAGIC SPEED tray icon, select right-click to execute the program.

● Select the mode you want to use on Program Execution Window and select “settings”. Then, reading speed of the drive will run in selected mode.

● Select “Close” to exit Program Execution Window.

In this occasion, reading speed will be run in the set speed if there is no separate mode change or program exit.

※ We recommend you to use “Max Mode” for data copy or disc copy, and “Silent Mode” for normal operation.

※ Other functions

▶ To disable Auto Run

This is a default program that automatically runs in every PC booting.

If you want to quit this auto run function, deselect the auto run item selected on tray icon menu.

Where Can I Download MAGIC SPEED?

Visit our website for customer support (URL:, and select Firmware →


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