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Package Contents. Samsung F2080M, SYNCMASTER F2380, F2380M, F2380MX | Manualzz

4-2 MagicTune

What is MagicTune?

MagicTune is a software program that helps with monitor adjustments by providing comprehensive descriptions of monitor functions and easy-to-understand guidelines.

Users can adjust the product with the mouse and the keyboard without using the operating buttons of the product.

Installing the Software

1. Insert the installation CD into the CD-ROM drive.

2. Select the MagicTune setup program.

If the pop-up screen for the software installation does not appear on the main screen, find and double-click the

MagicTune setup file on the CD-ROM.

3. Select the installation language and click [Next].

4. Complete the remaining software installation steps according to the instructions displayed on the screen.

• The software may not work properly if you do not restart the computer after the installation.

• The MagicTune icon may not appear depending on the computer system and the product specifications.

• If the shortcut icon does not appear, press the F5 key.

Restrictions and Problems with the Installation (MagicTune™)

The installation of MagicTune™may be affected by the graphics card, motherboard and the networking environment.

System Requirements


• Windows 2000

• Windows XP Home Edition

• Windows XP Professional

• Windows Vista

For MagicTune™, Windows 2000 or later is recommended.


• At least 32MB of memory

• At least 60MB of free space on the hard disk drive

For more information, refer to the website.

Removing the Software

You can only remove MagicTune™through [Add or Remove Programs ] in Windows.

To remove MagicTune™, complete the following steps.

1. Click [Start] select [Settings], and select [Control Panel] from the menu.

For Windows XP, click [Start], and select [Control Panel] from the menu.

2. Double-click the [Add or Remove Programs] icon in the Control Panel.

3. In the [Add/Remove] window, find and select MagicTune™so that it is highlighted.

Installing the Software 4-2


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