Important precautions. LG Electronics BE12LU38, BE12LU30

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Important precautions. LG Electronics BE12LU38, BE12LU30 | Manualzz

Important precautions

Follow these precautions when handling the drive or discs.


Please note that the manufacturer of this equipment does not offer any warranty against data loss due to inappropriate installation, handling, direct or indirect damages. Please note that the manufacturer will bear no responsibility for direct or indirect damages (including lost data)caused by the use of this product or its malfunction.

Please backup(copy) all important data as protection against data loss.


Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to:

- high humidity

- mechanical vibration

- high temperature

- direct sunlight

- excessive dust


Don’t move the drive suddenly from a cold place to warm one.

Condensation may cause abnormal operation.

Make sure to remove the disc before moving the drive to prevent the possible damage to the disc.

Prevent foreign objects, such as liquids or metal, from entering the drive and in the case a foreign object enters the drive, please consult the dealer where the drive was purchased.

Don’t interrupt the electric power while the drive is operating.

While drive is operating, don’t move the drive or give a shock to the drive, since it can cause damages to the disc.

Please pay attention to handling Electrostatic Sensitive Devices, you may use anti-static products such as wrist straps, heel straps, mats to protect your body from electrostatic.

AC Adapter

Don’t plug in or remove the AC adapter using wet hands.

Don’t damage the AC adapter by scratching, modifying, or bending its prongs.

Use only supplied AC adapter.

Don’t disassemble the AC adapter.

Operation through a USB hub cannot be guaranteed.

When connecting with USB1.1 interface, picture and sound may be disrupted while watching DVD/BD Video due to lack of data transfer speed.

For smoother playback of DVD/BDs, high-speed USB 2.0 should be used.



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