Support_Eng. Samsung DH48D, DH55D, DM82D, DB48D, DB55D, DM75D, DM65D, DB22D-P, UE46D, DM48D

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Support_Eng. Samsung DH48D, DH55D, DM82D, DB48D, DB55D, DM75D, DM65D, DB22D-P, UE46D, DM48D | Manualzz



Remote Management

MENU m → Support → Remote Management → ENTER E

The Call Center will access your Samsung Product remotely to check internal information.

Remote Management can control user settings and troubleshoot a problem.

• Off / On

― This option requires an Internet connection.

― You will need to read and agree to the service agreement before using this feature.

Software Update

MENU m → Support → Software Update → ENTER E

The Software Update menu lets you upgrade your product software to the latest version.

― Be careful not to turn off the power until the upgrade is complete. The product will turn off and on automatically after completing the software upgrade.

― When you upgrade software, all video and audio settings you have made will return to their default settings. We advise you to write down your settings so that you can easily reset them after the upgrade.

Update now

Update the software to the latest version.

― Current version : This is the software version already installed in the product.

Auto update

This feature automatically updates the product when not in use.

• Off / On

Contact Samsung

MENU m → Support → Contact Samsung → ENTER E

View this information when your product does not work properly or when you want to upgrade the software.

You can find information regarding our call centres and how to download products and software.

― Contact Samsung and find the product Model Code and Software Version .

Go to Home

MENU m → Support → Go to Home → ENTER E

Accessible using the HOME button on the remote control.

Terms & Policy

MENU m → Support → Terms & Policy → ENTER E

You can view the terms and conditions, privacy policy.

Reset All

MENU m → Support → Reset All → ENTER E

This option returns all the current settings for a display to the default factory settings.


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Key Features

  • Digital signage flat panel Black
  • 116.8 cm (46") 1920 x 1080 pixels LED 3000 cd/m²
  • 6 ms
  • Ethernet LAN

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