Precautions. Audiovox AMP-610

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Precautions. Audiovox AMP-610 | Manualzz


1. Although this unit is designed with built-in self-protection circuits, there may be a possibility of damage if it is not wired correctly. Please follow the wiring instructions carefully for the type of system being used.

2. The last lead to be connected is the wire to the positive (+) terminal of the battery. Connect this wire only after having completed and checked all other connections to the amplifier.

3. By nature of its design, a power amplifier generates heat and requires good air circulation around it to dissipate that heat. Do not install the amplifier in an enclosed area which does not permit adequate air circulation. Should the temperature of the unit rise too high, the internal thermal sensors will shut off operation until it has cooled down sufficiently.

4. If fuse replacement is necessary, use only fuses of the same ampere rating as originally supplied with the unit. The use of fuses with incorrect ratings may cause serious damage to the amplifier. If fuses blow consistently, carefully check all electrical connections to the unit.

5. Supply of adequate battery voltage is critical to the proper operation of the power amplifier. The leads to the battery and chassis ground must be of a thick enough gauge to provide this voltage to the amplifier. We recommend

#16 gauge wire or thicker (smaller gauge #) for the battery and ground leads.

6. Make certain that the speaker(s) to be used with this amplifier are capable of handling the output power (wattage) of the unit. Use of speaker(s) not rated for the output of this amplifier may cause damage to or failure of the speaker(s) for which Audiovox will not be liable.



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