Selecting the Display Language. HP 8500 N, 8500 DN, 8500, Color LaserJet 8500 Printer series

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Selecting the Display Language. HP 8500 N, 8500 DN, 8500, Color LaserJet 8500 Printer series | Manualzz

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Selecting the Display Language

Use the printer control panel to set the printer to display printer messages and print configuration pages in a variety of supported languages.

To select the printer control panel language

1 Hold down [Select] while turning the printer on (power button in).

CONFIG LANGUAGE (in English) appears on the printer control panel display for approximately one second. Once the printer has restarted,

LANGUAGE = ENGLISH will appear on the display.

Only [–]Value]+] , [Select] , and [Go] are active while the display language is being configured. All other keys are ignored.

If you press [Go] without selecting a language, the printer will bring itself online and all subsequent messages will be displayed in English.

However, since no display language was selected, the LANGUAGE =

ENGLISH message will reappear (after the power-on self test) when the printer is next turned on. This message will be displayed every time the printer is turned on until you select a language through the configure language mode.





Press [–]Value]+] until the language you want appears on the display.

Press [Select] to save the selection.

An asterisk (*) appears to the right of the selection. The language selected will be the default language until another selection is made by restarting the printer in the configure language mode.

Press [Go] .

Turn the printer off (power button out).


Step 5: Changing the Printer Control Panel Overlay and Language (Optional) 17


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