Accessing the Online User’s Guide. HP 8500 N, 8500 DN, 8500, Color LaserJet 8500 Printer series

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Accessing the Online User’s Guide. HP 8500 N, 8500 DN, 8500, Color LaserJet 8500 Printer series | Manualzz

For Microsoft Windows network installation instructions, see “Step 11:

Windows Network Installation.”

For IBM LAN server network installation instructions, see “Step 12:

IBM LAN Server Network Installation.”

For Macintosh network installation instructions, see “Step 13:

Macintosh Network Installation.”

A variety of the following operating systems are also supported by this printer, but the software must be obtained separately:




To order the software, call your operating system software vendor or contact HP through CompuServe, the World Wide Web, HP

Distribution, HP Bulletin Board Service (BBS), or HP FIRST. See the quick reference guide or online user’s guide for addresses, phone numbers, and URLs of these services.

Accessing the Online User’s Guide

The online user’s guide and the software needed to read the guide—Adobe TM Acrobat Reader—can be installed on your computer’s hard disk or can be read from the CD-ROM drive.

The reader software allows you to scroll through the online user’s guide, by pressing [Page[Up] and [Page[Down] or by using a mouse to click the scroll bar.

Additionally, it offers fast access to subjects in which you are interested through its table of contents and its index. “Table of Contents” and

“Index” should always be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

The table of contents or index will be displayed automatically when you click them. When the table of contents or the index is displayed on the screen, simply click the subjects to display the information.

There are additional navigation tools and viewing options under the

View and Tools menus to help you explore the online user’s guide.

To install the online user’s guide to your hard disk



Insert the CD-ROM labeled CD-ROM2 into the CD-ROM drive.

Follow the procedures you normally use to install programs from the

CD-ROM drive (for example, in Windows 95, click Start, click Run, and type D:\Setup.Exe

on the command line).

36 Step 10: Understanding the Software



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