Configuring the Printer on the Network. HP 8500 N, 8500 DN, 8500, Color LaserJet 8500 Printer series

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Configuring the Printer on the Network. HP 8500 N, 8500 DN, 8500, Color LaserJet 8500 Printer series | Manualzz


Configuring the Printer on the Network

Before you can use the printer, configure it on the network. HP recommends that you use a printer management utility such as the HP

JetAdmin software, PCONSOLE, or NWADMIN. Configuring the printer on the network involves steps such as setting up a print queue or port.

To configure the printer, see the information for this network contained in the HP JetDirect Print Server Software Installation Guide.

The printer can also be configured in the printer control panel. To configure the printer in the printer control panel, see the online user’s guide.

Distributing the Printer Software to Network


Before a client can print to the printer, the printer software must be installed on the client’s workstation. Rather than distributing the compact disc to each client, disk images of the installation software can be placed in a public directory or onto diskettes. The installation software’s Disk Copy lets you copy disk images for Windows operating systems to a designated directory.

When Disk Copy is used, the installation software automatically detects the operating system (language and version of Windows) that is operating on the workstation and defaults to that operating system.

To create disk images for a different language or operating system, either change to a workstation that uses that operating system and run

Disk Copy from there, or use a different tool to create the disk images.

Use a file management tool such as Windows File Manager or XCOPY to copy disk images. Use the “Structure of CD-ROM1” section in “Step

10: Understanding the Software” to determine the location of the disk images on the CD-ROM. For example, to copy disk images for

Windows 95 in Spanish, the path on the CD-ROM is d:\Win95\Espanol\.

Creating Disk Images with Disk Copy






Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

In the Windows 3.1x Program Manager, select Run from the File menu.

- Or -

In Windows 95 or NT 4.0, click Start then select Run.

Type D:\Setup.exe

on the command line. (This assumes that the

CD-ROM drive is the D drive.)

Click OK.

Click Continue.

Step 11: Windows Network Installation 39


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