Features. Samsung D303(i), D307(i), D305(i), D303D(i), VP-D301(i)

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Features. Samsung D303(i), D307(i), D305(i), D303D(i), VP-D301(i) | Manualzz

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Getting to Know Your Camcorder



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• Digital data transfer function with IEEE1394

By incorporating the IEEE 1394 (i.LINK™ : i.LINK is a serial data transfer protocol and interconnectivity system, used to transmit DV data) high speed data transport port, both moving and still images can be transferred to a PC, making it possible to produce or edit various images.

• USB interface for digital image data transfer

You can transfer images to a PC using the USB interface without an add-on card.


The PHOTO function lets you capture an object as a still along with sound, while in Camera mode.

• 900x Digital zoom

Allows you to magnify an image up to 900 times its original size.

• Colour TFT LCD

A high-resolution colour TFT LCD gives you clean, sharp images as well as the ability to review your recordings immediately.

• Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS)

The DIS compensates for any handshake, reducing unstable images particularly at high magnification.

• Various digital effects

The DSE (Digital Special Effects) allows you to give your films a special look by adding various special effects.

• Back Light Compensation (BLC)

The BLC function compensates for the bright background behind a subject you're recording.

• Program AE

The Program AE enables you to alter the shutter speed and aperture to suit the type of scene/action to be filmed.


The NIGHT CAPTURE function enables you to record a subject in the dark place.

• Digital Still Camera function (VP-D303(i)/D303D(i)/D305(i)/D307(i) only)

Using Memory Card, you can easily record and playback standard still images.

You can transfer standard still images on the Memory Card to your PC using the USB interface.

• MPEG Recording (VP-D303(i)/D303D(i)/D305(i)/D307(i) only)

MPEG recording makes it possible to record video onto a Memory Card.

• MULTI MEMORY CARD SLOT (VP-D305(i)/D307(i) only)

Multi Memory Card Slot is able to use the Memory Card, the MMC and the SD.


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