Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service. Samsung Galaxy S4, SPH-L720ZPASPR

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Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service. Samsung Galaxy S4, SPH-L720ZPASPR | Manualzz

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service

With your phone and global roaming service from Sprint Worldwide


Wireless Service, you can make phone calls and use wireless data services around the globe on compatible CDMA and

GSM/UMTS networks. For a country-specific travel guide, select your device and destination from sprint.com/traveltips .

Activate Sprint Worldwide Service on Your Account

Before using your phone in global roaming mode, you must activate Sprint Worldwide service.

To activate Sprint Worldwide service:

■ Chat with or email an international support rep by visiting sprint.com/swwsupport .

– or –

Call Sprint Worldwide Customer support at 1-888-226-7212.

Your SIM Card

Your phone comes with a preinstalled SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card to support roaming on compatible GSM networks.

Note: Your SIM card should be preinstalled. If you need to reinstall your SIM card, follow the instructions below.

Note: The SIM included contains information specific to your phone and should be retained with the phone for use on GSM networks.

1. Using the slot provided, gently lift the cover off the phone. Remove the battery.

2. Hold the SIM card so that the metal contacts on the SIM card face down and the cut off corner points to the bottom-right corner of your phone.

3. Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot until it stops.

4. Replace the battery and battery cover.

Enable Global Roaming Mode

Your phone is designed to enter global roaming mode automatically when you activate your

Sprint Worldwide service, meaning that it should automatically connect to an appropriate

CDMA/LTE network or GSM/UMTS network when you travel. You may set global roaming options through the settings menu. You may also need to set your network mode options through the settings menu.

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 116

To set your roaming options manually:

1. Press and tap > Settings > Connections > More networks > Mobile

networks > Network mode.

2. Select a category and settings for each category.

Roaming network: Select Automatic for international use. Home only restricts use to the Nationwide Sprint Network only.

Roaming settings: Under Domestic CDMA and International CDMA, select the

Voice and Data check marks. Under GSM, select the Data check mark.

Roaming guard: Select your roaming guard preferences for Domestic CDMA,

International CDMA, and GSM.

To set your network mode options manually:

■ Press


and tap > Settings > Connections > More networks > Network

 To allow connections to CDMA or LTE networks only, touch CDMA or LTE/CDMA.

 To allow connections to GSM or UMTS networks only, touch GSM/UMTS.

 To allow connections to available CDMA/LTE or GSM/UMTS networks, touch

Automatic. This is the recommended setting for international use.

Make and Receive Worldwide Calls

When travelling on international networks, you can place and answer calls as you would on the

Sprint network (see Make Phone Calls

and Receive Phone Calls ), although some additional

instructions may be required to place a call. Some features and services are not available in all countries. For more information on services that are available while roaming, visit sprint.com/sww .

Make Calls Using Plus (+) Code Dialing

Placing calls from one country to another country is simple with the Plus (+) Code Dialing feature. When placing international calls, you can use Plus Code Dialing to enter the appropriate international access code for your location (for example, 011 for international calls placed from the United States).

Note: Plus Code Dialing is only available when roaming internationally on GSM networks and on certain CDMA networks in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Note: International access codes and dialing information are available online at sprint.com/sww .

To use Plus Code Dialing to place an international call:

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 117

1. Press and tap Phone > Keypad to display the phone screen.

2. Dial the appropriate sequence for your location:

 If you are on the GSM network, touch to insert a “+” on the dialer screen.

(The “+” symbol automatically inserts the international access code for the country from which you are calling.)

 If you are on the CDMA network outside Canada or the Caribbean, enter the international access code for the country from which you are calling.

3. Touch to insert the US country code, and then enter the area code and number.

3. Touch to place the call.

Sprint International Voicemail Service

Your Sprint voicemail will follow you as you travel. All of your unanswered calls will be forwarded to your Sprint voicemail. You will need to be sure your voicemail box is already set up and that you know your voicemail password.

Note: Sprint voicemail may not be available on all networks; check sprint.com/sww for service information.

Set Up Your Voicemail Access Number for International Use

To simplify accessing your Sprint Voicemail while travelling, you can set up your voicemail access number as a Contacts entry. Save the voicemail access number with the international dialing code, to make it faster and easier to access your messages while roaming internationally.

1. Press and tap Contact.

2. Touch to add a contact.

3. If you have accounts set up on your phone, tap a storage account.

4. Enter a name for the new contact, for example, “Voicemail”.

5. Touch

6. Touch Save.

(+1), your area code, and your wireless phone number.

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 118

Access Your Voicemail Internationally

You will need to call your voicemail number to access your voicemail while roaming internationally.

New Message Indicators

Your voicemail message indicators may be displayed differently when roaming internationally.

A “Message Waiting” indicator icon or a text message is displayed when a voicemail message is received.

You may see “Missed Call” on your screen prior to receiving a message notification.

You must call voicemail in order to retrieve messages. Follow the instructions on the previous page to store your voicemail number for easy access.

Retrieve Voicemail Messages

The voicemail retrieval process while travelling is the same as on the Sprint Network; however, you will be required to enter your voicemail password.

To retrieve your voicemail messages:

1. Press and tap Phone > Contacts tab, touch the voicemail entry and then touch the number to call it.

2. When your voicemail answers, touch access your voicemail.

, enter the password, and touch to

International Voicemail Troubleshooting

There are a few tips to keep in mind when using Sprint voicemail while traveling.

Some carriers may not support voicemail indicators. It may be necessary to call your voicemail to see if you have any new messages.

If you hear the message “Please enter the number of the subscriber you wish to call,” enter your 10-digit wireless phone number.

International Data Roaming

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service can also keep you connected via email and Web browsing when travelling in countries in which Sprint offers data service. Data services are available on both CDMA and GSM/UMTS networks. Check sprint.com/sww to determine the services available where you are travelling.

Note: Prior to using your Sprint Worldwide GSM/UMTS Data Services, you must establish and utilize your CDMA data services domestically on the Sprint Network.

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 119

Get Started With Sprint Worldwide Data Services

To use Sprint Worldwide Data Services, you will need to have these services activated on your account.

■ To activate, call Sprint Worldwide Customer Support at 1-888-226-7212.

Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Access Email and Data Services Internationally on GSM/UMTS


To access your email and browse the Web when travelling, you may need to manually select the carrier that provides Sprint service in your location. You can find a list of carriers for each country where GSM data service is offered at sprint.com/sww . Then, follow the instructions below to select the appropriate carrier network on your phone.

To select a GSM data service carrier for a specific country:

1. Press and tap > Settings > Connections > More networks > Roaming.

2. Tap Roaming network, and then change the Roaming network option to Automatic.

3. Tap Roaming settings, and then tap Data under GSM networks to allow access to data services while roaming.

Note: Depending on the networks available you may need to choose a specific network under

Roaming network.

Access Email and Data Services on Internationally on CDMA


If data service is available on a CDMA network, then you only need to set the phone to CDMA, you will not need to select the specific carrier. Selecting a specific carrier is only necessary for providers on the GSM network. If your phone has automatically selected a GSM network while traveling, then you will need to set the phone to CDMA to access CDMA data services. (See

Enable Global Roaming Mode .) Visit

sprint.com/sww for a list of services available in each country.

International Roaming Status Messages

You may receive status messages under certain conditions. Before contacting Sprint Worldwide

Customer Support, note the message, numeric code, and the conditions under which it appeared. The following table lists and describes the status messages.

Status Messages

Number Not in Service

User Not Available

Message Description

The number that you entered is not valid.

The phone that you called is either busy, out-of-range, or turned off. Please try again later.

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 120

Status Messages

User Not Authorized

Please Try Later

Service Restricted

Service Not Available

Emergency Calls Only

System Busy. Try Later

Service Conflict

Please Try Again

Self Check Error

Self Check Fail

Wrong PIN

PIN Blocked. Call Your


Insert SIM

Check SIM Card

Message Description

The phone that you called is either busy, out-of-range, or turned off. Please try again later.

This service is temporarily not available. Please try again later.

Service may not be activated properly. Please contact Sprint

Customer Service to report the issue for resolution.

This feature is not available on the current network.

Either the service is not activated properly or the current network is available for emergency calling only. Adjust your network settings to check for other available networks. If service is still not available after adjusting the settings, contact

Sprint Customer Service to report the issue for resolution.

The system is experiencing heavy traffic. Please try again later.

This service cannot be enabled because an incompatible service has already been turned on.

An error occurred. Note the error code and try again.

A fault was detected with your phone. If this error recurs, note the error and contact Sprint Customer Service.

An operational fault was detected with your phone. Note the numeric code, turn your phone off, and contact Sprint

Customer Service.

You have entered an incorrect SIM PIN number. You have only three attempts to enter your PIN. After a third unsuccessful attempt, your phone will be locked and you will have to call

Sprint Customer Service to have it unlocked. Sprint sets the default to PIN off; if you elect to enable the PIN then you will need to contact Sprint for the default PIN and PUK.

An incorrect SIM PIN was entered three consecutive times.

You will be unable to send or receive calls on your phone.

Contact Sprint Customer Service to obtain the PIN Unblocked

Key (PUK) code. Sprint sets the default to PIN off; if you elect to enable the PIN then you will need to contact Sprint for the default PIN and PUK.

Your SIM Card is not being detected. Please check to ensure that you have inserted the SIM Card.

Please check your SIM card to make sure it is properly inserted.

Contact Sprint for Assistance with International


If you experience any issues with voice or data services while outside of the United States,

Sprint offers customer support 24 hours a day. In the event that you do experience an issue, try the following actions:

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 121

First try powering your phone off and then back on; this will force your phone to reregister with the network.

Try manually selecting another network. Information for selecting networks can be found in the phone guide.

If neither of these actions resolves your issue, you will need to contact customer service (see below). When calling to report an issue, the following information will be beneficial in trying to resolve your issue as quickly as possible:

Your wireless phone number.

The city and country you are travelling in.

Any error message that displays on your phone or that you heard when trying to place a call.

If the issue is with data, were you able to place voice calls?

If the issue is with voice service, were you able to access data?

Please call the numbers below if you need assistance:

While in the United States: Call 1-888-226-7212.

While traveling outside the United States:

In GSM mode: touch and then dial 1-817-698-4199.

In CDMA mode: enter the country code and then dial 1-817-698-4199.

There is no charge for this call from your wireless phone.

From a landline phone when outside the United States:

Sprint Worldwide Customer Support can be reached from a landline phone at 1-817-698-4199.

Access or connection fees may apply. The toll free numbers below can also be used to contact

Sprint Worldwide Customer Support in the following countries:


Caribbean (Anguilla, Barbados,

Cayman Islands, and Dominica)





Trinidad and Tobago

United Kingdom

From Landline Phone








Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 122

Note: This toll free service is available on ordinary landline phones and some public pay phones. This service does not cover any hotel access charges.

Sprint Worldwide Wireless Service 123


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