LCD TV and Operating Buttons. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C

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LCD TV and Operating Buttons. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C | Manualzz

LCD TV and Operating Buttons

FRONT and REAR VIEW Control buttons VIEW Control Buttons

1. Standby/On button

2. TV/AV button

3. Programme Up/Down buttons

4. Volume Up/Down buttons

Note: Press ” and buttons at the same time to view main menu.

Viewing the Back side Connections





SCART 2 inputs or outputs for external devices.

SCART 1 input or output for external devices. Connect the SCART cable between SCART socket on

TV and SCART socket on your external device (such as a decoder, a VCR or a DVD player).

Note: If an external device is connected via the SCART socket, the TV will automatically switch to AV mode.

Note: To connect external device,please use to supplied scart connection cable .

Component Video Inputs (YPbPr) are used for connecting component video.

You can connect the component video and audio sockets with a device that has component output.

Connect the component video cables between the COMPONENT VIDEO INPUTS on on the TV and the component video outputs of your device. While connecting, be sure that the letters on your TV, “Y”,

Pb”, “Pr” correspond with your device’s connectors.

PC/YPbPr Audio Inputs are used for connecting audio signals of a PC or a device that connects to the

TV via YPbPr. Connect the PC audio cable between the AUDIO INPUTS on the TV and audio output of your PC to enable PC audio. Connect the audio cable between AUDIO INPUTS on the TV and audio

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