Switching On/Off. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C

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Switching On/Off. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C | Manualzz

Switching On/Off

To Switch the TV On

• Connect the power cord to the 220-240V AC 50 Hz.

• Press STANDBY touch button. Then the standby

LED lights up.

• To switch on the TV from standby mode either:

• Press the “ ” button, P+ / P- or a numeric button on the remote control.

• Press the -P/CH or P/CH+ touch button on the TV. The

TV will then switch on.

Note: If you switch on your TV via PROGRAMME UP/

DOWN buttons on the remote control or on the TV set, the programme that you were watching last will be reselected.

By either method the TV will switch on.

To Switch the TV Off

• Press the “ ” button on the remote control or press the STANDBY touch button on the TV, so the TV will switch to standby mode.

• To power down the TV completely, unplug the power cord from the mains socket.

Note: When the TV is switched to standby mode, standby LED can blink to indicate that features such as

Standby Search, Over Air Download or Timer is active.

The LED can also blink when you switch on the TV from standby mode.

Digital Teletext (** for UK only)

• Press the “ ” button.

• • The digital teletext information appears.

• • Operate it with the coloured buttons, cursor buttons and OK button.

The operation method may differ depending on the contents of the digital teletext.

Follow the instructions displayed on digital teletext screen.

• • When Press “ SELECT” button or similar message appears on the screen, press the OK button.

• • When the “ ” button is pressed, the TV returns to television broadcasting.

• • With digital broadcasting (DVB), in addition to digital teletext broadcasting together with the normal broadcasting, there are also channels with just digital teletext broadcasting.

• • The aspect ratio (picture shape) when watching a channel with just digital teletext broadcasting is the same as the aspect ratio of the picture viewed previously.

• • When you press the “ ” button again, the digital teletext screen will be displayed.

Analogue Teletext

Use of teletext and its functions are identical to the analogue text system. Please do refer to the “TELETEXT” explanations.

Input Selection

Once you have connected external systems to your

TV, you can switch to different input sources. Press

SOURCE” button on your remote control consecutively for directly changing sources.

You can operate your TV using both the remote control and onset buttons.

Operation with the Buttons on the TV

Volume Setting

• Press “ ” button to decrease volume or button to increase volume, so a volume level scale

(slider) will be displayed on the screen.

Programme Selection

• Press “ P/CH +” button to select the next programme or

P/CH -” button to select the previous programme.

Viewing Main Menu

• Press the “ V+”/”V-” button at the same time to view main menu. In the Main menu select sub-menu using

“AV” button and set the sub-menu using “ ” or

” buttons. To learn the usage of the menus, refer to the menu system sections.

AV Mode

• Press the “ AV” button in the control panel on the TV to switch between AV modes.

Operation with the Remote Control

• The remote control of your TV is designed to control all the functions of the model you selected. The functions will be described in accordance with the menu system of your TV.

Volume Setting

• Press “ V+” button to increase the volume. Press “V-” button to decrease the volume. A volume level scale

(slider) will be displayed on the screen.

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