Analogue Manual Search. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C

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Analogue Manual Search. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C | Manualzz

Analogue Manual Search

After selecting search type as analogue, you can use

“ ”/“ ” button to highlight an item and then press “

” or “ ” button to set an option.

Enter the channel number or frequency using the numeric buttons. You can then press OK button to search. When the channel is located, any new channels that are not on the list will be stored.

Analog Fine Tune

• Select Analog Fine Tune from the Installation menu by using “ ” or “ ” and OK buttons. Analog  ne tune screen will be displayed. Analog Fine Tune feature will not be available if there are no analog channels, digital channels and external sources stored.

• Press OK button to proceed. Use “ ” or “ ” button to set Fine Tune. When  nished, press OK button again.

Network Channel Scan

Select Network Channel Scan from the installation menu by using “ ” or “ ” and OK buttons. Network

Channel Scan selection screen will be displayed.

Select Digital Aerial or Digital Cable and press

OK button to continue. The following message will be asked. Select Yes to continue or select No to cancel.

You can select frequency ranges from this screen. For highlighting lines you see, use “ ” or “ ” button. You can enter the frequency range manually by using the numeric buttons on the remote control. Set Start and

Stop Frequency as desired by using numeric buttons on the remote control. After this operation, you can set

Search Step as 8000 KHz or 1000 KHz. If you select

1000 KHz, the Tv will perform search process in a detailed way. Searching duration will thus increase accordingly. When  nished, press OK button to start automatic search. Automatic searching screen will be displayed during the process.

Note: If you select an extended gap between Start and Stop frequency rate, automatic search duration will take a longer time.

Clear Service List (*)

(*) This setting is visible only when the Country option is set to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.

Use this setting to clear channels stored. Press “

” or “ ” button to select Clear Service List and then press OK. The following OSD will be displayed on the screen:

Select YES and press OK to continue or select NO and press OK button to cancel.

If you start Digital Aerial scan process, automatic scanning will start. You can press MENU button to cancel.

If you start Digital Cable scan process, the following screen will be displayed.

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