Con guring Picture Settings. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C

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Con guring Picture Settings. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C | Manualzz

Con guring Picture Settings

You can use different picture settings in detail.

Press MENU button and select the Picture icon by using “ ” or “ ” button. Press OK button to view

Picture Settings menu.

14:9 Zoom

This option zooms to the 14:9 picture.


Use to view a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) as this is its original size.


This stretches the left and right sides of a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) to  ll the screen, without making the picture appear unnatural.

The top and bottom of the picture are slightly cut off.


This zooms up the wide picture (16:9 aspect ratio) to the full screen.

Operating Picture Settings Menu Items

• Press “ ” or “ ” button to highlight a menu item.

• Use “ ” or “ ” button to set an item.

• Press MENU button to exit.

Picture Settings Menu Items

Mode: For your viewing requirements, you can set the related mode option. Picture mode can be set to one of these options: Cinema ,Game , Dynamic and Natural .

Contrast: Sets the lightness and darkness values of the screen.

Brightness: Sets the brightness value for the screen.

Sharpness: Sets the sharpness value for the objects displayed on the screen.

Colour: Sets the colour value, adjusting the colors.

Colour Shift: Adjust the desired colour tone.

Hue (NTSC only): Adjusts the colour value.

Colour Temp: Sets the desired colour tone.

Setting Cool option gives white colours a slight blue stress.

For normal colours, select Normal option.

Setting Warm option gives white colours a slight red stress.

Noise Reduction: If the broadcast signal is weak and the picture is noisy, use Noise Reduction setting to reduce the noise amount. Noise Reduction can be set to one of these options: Low, Medium, High or Off.

Movie Sense: Press “ ” or “ ” button to select

Movie Sense. Use “ ” or “ ” to set Movie Sense Low,

Med, High or Off. While Movie Sense is active, it will

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