Con guring Your TV’s Settings. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C

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Con guring Your TV’s Settings. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C | Manualzz

Sound Mode: You can select Mono, Stereo, Dual I or Dual II mode, only if the selected channel supports that mode.

AVL: Automatic Volume Limiting (AVL) function sets the sound to obtain  xed output level between programmes

(For instance, volume level of advertisements tend to be louder than programmes).

Dynamic Bass: Dynamic Bass is used to increase bass effect of the TV set.

Surround Mode: Surround mode can be change as

On or Off.

Digital Out: Sets digital out audio type.

Con guring Your TV’s Settings

Detailed settings can be configured to suit your personal preferences.

Press MENU button and select Settings icon by using

“ ” or “ ” button. Press OK button to view Settings menu.

Operating Settings Menu Items

• Press “ ” or “ ” button to highlight a menu item.

• Press OK button to select an item.

• Press MENU button to exit.

Settings Menu Items

Conditional Access: Controls conditional access modules when available.

Language: Con gures language settings.

Parental: Con gures parental settings.

Timers: Sets timers for selected programmes.

Date/Time: Sets date and time.

Sources: Enables or disables selected source options.

Other Settings: Displays other setting options of the TV set.

Using a Conditional Access


IMPORTANT: Insert or remove the CI module only when the TV is SWITCHED OFF.

• In order to watch certain digital channels, a conditional access module (CAM) can be necessary.

This module must be inserted in the CI slot of your


• Obtain the Conditional Access Module (CAM) and the viewing card by subscribing to a pay channel company, then insert those to the TV using the following procedure.

• Insert the CAM and then the viewing card to the slot that is located in the terminal cover at the rear side of the TV.

• The CAM should be correctly inserted, it is impossible to insert fully if reversed. The CAM or the TV terminal may be damaged if the CAM is forcefully inserted.

Connect the TV to the mains supply, switch on and then wait for few moments until the card is activated.

• When no module is inserted, “ No Common

Interface module detected” message appears on the screen.

• Refer to the module instruction manual for details of the settings.

Viewing Conditional Access Menu (*)

(*) These menu settings may change depending on the service provider.

Press MENU button and select the icon by using “

” or “ ” button. Press OK button to view Settings menu. Use “ ” or “ ” button to highlight Conditional

Access and press OK to view menu items.

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