Timers. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C

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Timers. Schaub Lorenz 32LE-6100C | Manualzz

Set PIN: De nes a new PIN number. Use numeric buttons to enter a new pin number. You will need to code your new pin a second time for veri cation purposes.

IMPORTANT: The factory default pin number is 0000, if you change the pin number make sure you write it down and keep it safe.

Deleting a Timer

• Select the timer you want to delete by pressing “

” or “ ” button.

• Press RED button.

• Select YES by using “ ” or “ ” buttons to delete the timer. Select NO to cancel.

Con guring Date/Time Settings

Select Date/Time in the Settings menu to con gure

Date/Time settings. Press OK button.


To view Timers menu, press MENU button and select

Settings icon by using “ ” or “ ” button. Press OK button to view Settings menu. Use “ ” or “ ” button to highlight Timers and press OK to continue:

Setting Sleep Timer

This setting is used for setting the TV to turn off after a certain time.

• Highlight Sleep Timer by using “ ” or “ ” button.

• Use “ ” or “ ” button to set. The timer can be programmed between Off and 2.00 hours (120 minutes) in steps of 30 minutes.

Setting Programme Timers

You can set programme timers for a particular programme using this feature.

Press “ ” button to set timers on an event. Programme timer function buttons will be displayed on the screen.

Adding a Timer

• Press YELLOW button on the remote control to add a timer. The following menu appears on the screen:

Channel: Changes channel by using “ ” or “ ”.

Timer Type: This feature is unavailable to be set.

Date: Enter a date using the numeric buttons.

Start: Enter a starting time using the numeric buttons.

End: Enter an ending time using the numeric buttons.

Duration: Displays duration between the starting and ending time.

Mode: Sets a timer to be repeated as Once, Daily or

Weekly. Use “ ” or “ ” buttons to select an option.

• Press GREEN button to save the timer. Press RED button to cancel.

Change/Delete:Controls parental settings on timers.

Editing a Timer

• Select the timer you want to edit by pressing “ or “ ” button.

• Press GREEN button. Edit Timer menu screen will be displayed.

• When  nished with editing, press GREEN button to save. You can press MENU button to cancel.

English - 63 -

• Use “ ” or “ ” buttons to highlight Date/Time.

Date,Time,Time Settings Mode and Time Zone Setting will be available.

Use “ ” or “ ” buttons to highlight the Time Settings

Mode. Time Settings Mode is set using “ ” or “ ” buttons. It can be set to AUTO or MANUAL.

When AUTO is selected, Date/Time and Time Zone options will not be available to be set. If MANUAL option is selected as the Time Zone can be altered:

• By pressing “ ” or “ ” buttons select Time Zone.

Use “ ” or “ ” buttons to change the Time Zone between GMT-12 or GMT+12. Date/Time on the top of the menu list will then change according to the selected Time Zone.

• Changes are automatically stored. Press MENU to exit.

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