Care & Cleaning. Electrolux EI24ID50QS

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Care & Cleaning 17



Occasionally wipe with a mild nonabrasive detergent and water. Rinse and dry.

Care of Drain Air Gap

If a drain air gap was installed for your built-in dishwasher, check to make sure it is clean so the dishwasher will drain properly. A drain air gap is usually mounted on the counter top and can be inspected by removing the cover. This is not part of your dishwasher and is not covered by warranty.

Clean the Cylinder Fine Filter

The Cylinder Fine Filter is designed to collect some big items such as broken glass, bones and pits.

The Cylinder Fine Filter needs to be cleaned to maximize wash performance.

Remove the Cylinder Fine Filter as shown, rotate it counterclockwise, lift it out, empty and clean it by rinsing under running water and replace. Use a sponge or bottle brush may be necessary to remove all food residue.

Clean the Coarse Filter

Take out the Cylinder Fine Filter and remove the

Coarse Filter from the dishwasher tub bottom.

Flush the Coarse Filter by holding it under running water and replace.


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