Setup. Samsung SM-348B, CD Player

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Setup. Samsung SM-348B, CD Player | Manualzz


Installing the COMBO Drive

To install your COMBO Drive in the PC, proceed as follows.

Make sure that the PC is powered off and disconnected from any power source.

If necessary, attach a horizontal bracket to both sides of the drive.

Remove the cover from a free expansion slot and install the COMBO drive, as shown in the illustration.

Connecting the Cables

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Connecting the power cable

The 4-pin power cable from the internal power unit of your computer must be connected to the power terminal on the rear of the COMBO drive.

1 +5V DC

A - Cut Side

2 Ground

3 Ground

4 +12V DC

Note: An improperly connected power cable may cause trouble. Check the direction of the power connector and the incline side of the COMBO drive before connecting.

Connecting the E-IDE cable

Insert the IDE cable (40-pin), which is connected to the hard disk to the interface terminal.

(Place the red line of the cable close to the Pin 1.)

When using one E-IDE cable

Connect the cable to the SL (Slave) of the Master/Slave Select Terminal at the rear of the COMBO drive.

a : Slave Drive (Choose the SL Jumper) b : Hard Drive c : MainBoard

When using two E-IDE cable

If there is only one COMBO drive, select MA (Master).

a : Master Drive (Choose the MA Jumper) c : MainBoard e : Secondly 1 b : Hard Drive d : Primary 1

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If there is two COMBO drive, select MA (Master) / SL (Slave).

a : Master Drive (Choose the MA Jumper) b : Slave Drive (Choose the SL Jumper) c : Hard Drive e : Primary 1 d : MainBoard f : Secondly 1

Installing a jumper on the master/slave select terminal

Connect a jumper to the rear side of the COMBO.

If the jumper is connected to MA (Master), it will work in the Master mode.

If the jumper is connected to SL (Slave), it will work in the Slave mode.

If the jumper is connected to CS (CSEL), you can control the device by using the host interface signal

CSEL. (In general, connection to MA is recommended.)

Connecting the audio cable from a sound card

Connect the 4-pin audio cable between the sound output terminal on the COMBO drive and the audio input terminal on the sound card.

For clearer sound, use a digital output terminal.(Available only for the CAID that supports digital output)

This may not be available for general sound cards.

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Installing the CD Record Utility

To record data on a CD-R or CD-RW disc in the COMBO drive, you must first install the CD record utility. For compatibility reasons, you are recommended to uninstall any existing software of the same type before installing this utility.

Insert the disc supplied with the COMBO drive in the drive.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to install the utility.

Refer to the separate utility documentation for further details.

Store the utility disc in a safe place.

Installing the Device Driver

No additional device driver is needed for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/NT4.0, as the default Windows device driver is used. You can check that the COMBO drive has been correctly detected by Windows. To do so, proceed as follows.

Double-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.

Double-click on the Control Panel folder.

Double-click on the System icon.

Click on the Device Manager tab.

Expand the CD-ROM branch.

The SAMSUNG COMBO SM - *** device name is displayed.

The SAMSUNG device driver enables discs in the COMBO drive to be read but not recorded in an MS-DOS environment; the driver is located in the D driver folder on the CD record utility disc.

Setting Up the Device Driver

Automatic Setup

The device driver is located in the Ddriver folder of the CD Record Utility disc which is provided in the package.

Insert the CD Record Utility disc into the CD-ROM drive and open the Ddriver folder.

Run the CDSETUP.EXE file in the Ddriver folder.

When Setup is successfully completed, click OK button or press the Enter key.

Reboot the computer.

Manual Setup

Make the C:\SAMSUNG directory.

Copy the files from the diskette to the C:\SAMSUNG directory.

To do so, type COPY D:\Ddriver * . * C:\SAMSUNG after the C:\prompt and press [Enter].

Edit the CONFIG.SYS file.


Edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Add the C:\SAMSUNG\MSCDEX/D:SSCD000 entry.

Reboot the computer.

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