Selecting File Options. Samsung VP-X110L, VP-M110R, VP-M105R, VP-M105B, VP-M110BMEM, VP-M110SMEM, VP-M105S, VP-M110S, VP-M110B

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Selecting File Options. Samsung VP-X110L, VP-M110R, VP-M105R, VP-M105B, VP-M110BMEM, VP-M110SMEM, VP-M105S, VP-M110S, VP-M110B | Manualzz


Photo Mode: Viewing


ReÏim Fotografování: ProhlíÏení

Viewing Photo files on the LCD Monitor ProhlíÏení souborÛ s fotografiemi na LCD monitoru

It is handy and practical to view pictures using the LCD monitor almost anywhere such as in a car, indoors or outdoors.

1. Move [Mode Selector] down to turn on the CAM and move it down again.

◆ The Mode Selection screen appears.

2. Move the [ /] switch to select mode and press the [OK] button.

[ /] switch.


photo you want to view.

frame moves horizontally.

page(6 frame) moves.

you want.

◆ The full screen displays.


◆ The Photo Capture screen appears.

3. Press the [Menu] button and move the

Press the [OK] button after selecting

4. Move the [ /] switch to find the

◆ Each time you move the [ ▲ /▼ ] switch, the

◆ Each time you press the [+]/[ - ] button, a

5. Press [OK] button to view the photo





Mode Selection

Díky LCD monitoru je moÏné prohlíÏet fotografie témûfi v‰ude, napfiíklad v autû, doma nebo venku.




Voice Recorder

File Browser

Photo Capture 800






Photo View 100-0022

Photo View 100-0022

1. Pohybem ovladaãe posuÀte dolÛ.

reÏimu > .

Photo <

[ Ovladaã reÏimÛ

Fotografování >

] dolÛ zapnûte zafiízení CAM a potom ovladaã znovu

◆ Zobrazí se obrazovka Mode Selection < V˘bûr

2. Pohybem ovladaãe [ ▲ /▼ ] vyberte reÏim a stisknûte tlaãítko


◆ Zobrazí se obrazovka Photo Capture

< Fotografování > .

3. Stisknûte tlaãítko [Menu] a posuÀte ovladaã

[ ▲ /▼ ] .

Po vybrání moÏnosti < View > < ProhlíÏet > stisknûte tlaãítko [OK].

4. Pohybem ovladaãe [ ▲ /▼ ] naleznûte fotografii, kterou chcete zobrazit.

◆ Pfii kaÏdém pohybu ovladaãe [ ▲ /▼ ] se snímek posune vodorovnû.

◆ KaÏd˘m stisknutím tlaãítka [+]/[ - ] se posune stránka (6 snímkÛ).

5. Stisknutím tlaãítka [OK] zobrazte poÏadovanou fotografii.

◆ Zobrazí se na celé obrazovce.



✤ Display time may vary depending on the picture size.


✤ Doba naãítání snímku se li‰í podle jeho velikosti.


Key Features

  • 8 MP CCD Silver
  • Optical zoom: 10x Digital zoom: 100x
  • Built-in microphone

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I charge the battery?
To charge the battery, connect the AC adapter to the camcorder and plug it into an electrical outlet.
How do I insert a memory card?
To insert a memory card, open the memory card slot cover and insert the memory card into the slot.
How do I record a video?
To record a video, press the record button. The camcorder will start recording and the recording time will be displayed on the LCD screen.
How do I take a photo?
To take a photo, press the shutter button. The camcorder will take a photo and the photo will be saved to the memory card.


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