Daily use. IKEA LOV3

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Daily use. IKEA LOV3 | Manualzz


Using the Mechanical child lock

The appliance has the child lock installed and activated. It is below the control panel on the right side.

To open the oven door with the child lock installed, pull the child lock handle up as shown in the picture.

Close the oven door without pulling the child lock.

To remove the child lock, open the oven door and remove the child lock with the torx key. The torx key is in the oven fitting bag.

Screw back the screw into the hole after removing the child lock.

Daily use



Refer to Safety

Activating and deactivating the appliance

1. Turn the knob for the oven functions to an oven function.

2. Turn the knob for the temperature to a temperature.

Oven functions

Oven function

Off position

The temperature indicator comes on while the temperature in the appliance increases.

3. To deactivate the appliance, turn the knob for the oven functions and the knob for the temperature to the Off position.

The appliance is off.


Light To activate the lamp without a cooking function.

Bottom Heat


(Top and Bottom


To bake cakes with crispy or crusty bottom. Only the bottom heating element operates.

To bake and roast on one oven level. The top and bottom heating elements operate at the same time.


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