Using the DVDirect With a Computer. Sony VRD-MC3, DVDirect VRD-MC3

Using the DVDirect With a Computer. Sony VRD-MC3, DVDirect VRD-MC3


Using the DVDirect With a Computer

System Requirements

When using the DVDirect with your computer (PC Mode), the computer system should meet the following requirements.


CPU: Pentium III, 800 MHz or higher (Pentium 4, 2 GHz or higher recommended)

RAM: 256 MB (512 MB or more recommended)

1 GB (10 GB for DVD creation) free hard disk space or more recommended

Operating system:

Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP Home/Professional SP2

Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0 compliant) port


The above requirements are the minimum necessary requirements to write to disc normally.

Under actual operating conditions, the requirements imposed by your software must also be met. For details, refer to your software documentation.


Setting Up the Computer

Installing the Software


Insert the supplied software disc into a drive on the computer.

The installer will start automatically.


If the “Language Selection” screen appears, click a language button, and then click

[Application Install] to continue installation.


Click [Nero 7 Essentials] to install the software.

Click [Nero 7 Essentials]


After installation is completed, continue to install other options, or click [EXIT] to finish installation.


Connecting the DVDirect to a Computer


Before using the DVDirect with a computer, set [PC Connect] in the Setup menu (page 64)

to [Use], Please note that this is not the default setting.


Connect the DVDirect to a power source using the AC adaptor

(page 14).


Connect the supplied USB cable to the DVDirect.


Press the 1 (Power) button to turn on the DVDirect.


Turn on your computer.


Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer.

[PC Mode] appears in the display window.


Please connect the DVDirect directly to a USB connector on the computer.


Click [My computer] and make sure the DVDirect icon has been added.

You can now use the DVDirect with your computer.



The disconnection procedure varies depending on your OS.

When your computer detects the DVDirect successfully, appears on the

Windows task bar. If you want to disconnect the DVDirect, you must first stop it by clicking this icon.


Click on the task bar, and select to disconnect the DVDirect in the shortcut menu.


Follow the messages that appear, if any.


Disconnect the USB cable.


If you disconnect the USB cable without performing the procedure above, your computer may operate erratically or data may be damaged. Be sure to perform the procedure above before disconnecting the USB cable.

Using Memory Card Slots

If you insert a memory card into the memory card slot when using the

DVDirect as an external DVD drive, you can use the memory card as a removable disc for the computer. The memory card is displayed as a

“removable disk” icon in the “My Computer” folder of the Windows display.


Insert only one memory card into the memory card slot. Furthermore, do not use more than one memory card slot at a time.

• Do not connect the DVDirect and a USB memory card adapter to the computer at the same time, as the DVDirect may not work properly.


Using the Bundled Software

Use the bundled software to create or play back CDs and DVDs on your computer with the DVDirect.

Launching “Nero StartSmart”

Using “Nero StartSmart,” your central starting point for all your audio, video, data, backup, and recording tasks, you can choose a task from several categories, launch Nero applications, use tools, and view manuals. (Refer to the manuals or the online help for each application for details on their operation.)

To launch “Nero StartSmart,” double-click the “Nero StartSmart” icon, or start [Nero StartSmart] from the program menu.

Task icons




Move the cursor onto each icon or application to display a summary in a popup window. Click any of the icons or applications that you intend to use.

Notes on Using Other Software With the DVDirect

• Using software other than the bundled software (such as commercially available software, shareware, or freeware) to write data to disc with the

DVDirect is not under warranty, and Sony provides no customer service for such use.

• Make sure that the bundled writing software and other writing software do not coexist on your computer. In particular, if another packet writing software


exists in your computer, the software and/or computer may operate erratically.


Such as Drag-to-Disc (ROXIO), Direct CD (ROXIO), B’s CLIP (BHA), or DLA (Sonic).


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