Troubleshooting. Simplicity 01908-0

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Troubleshooting. Simplicity 01908-0 | Manualzz

Generac Portable Products 1900 PSI Pressure Washer



Pump has following problems: failure to produce pressure, erratic pressure, chattering, loss of pressure, low water volume.


1. Nozzle in low pressure mode.

2. Water inlet is blocked.

3. Inadequate water supply.

4. Inlet hose is kinked or leaking.

5. Clogged inlet hose strainer.

6. Water supply is over 100°F.

7. High pressure hose is blocked or leaks.

Detergent fails to mix with spray.

9. Nozzle is obstructed.

10. Pump is faulty.

1. Detergent siphoning tube is not submerged.

2. Chemical filter is clogged or cracked.

3. Dirty in-line filter.

4. Nozzle is in high pressure mode.

Engine runs good at noload but “bogs” when load is added.

Pressure washer stops during operation.

Engine speed is too slow.

Out of gasoline.


1. Pull nozzle backward for high pressure mode.

3. Provide adequate water flow.

4. Straighten inlet hose, patch leak.

5. Check and clean inlet hose strainer.

6. Provide cooler water supply.

7. Clear blocks in outlet hose.

10. Contact Generac service facility.

1. Insert detergent siphoning tube into detergent.

2. Clean or replace filter/detergent siphoning tube.

3. See “Check In-Line Filter”.

4. Push nozzle forward for low pressure mode.

Move throttle control to FAST position. If engine still “bogs down”, contact Briggs and

Stratton service facility.

Fill fuel tank.



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