Intended use. EOS Saunadome Series

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Intended use. EOS Saunadome Series | Manualzz

Dear Customer,

You have purchased a high quality technical system which will provide you with many years of enjoyable sauna bathing. This sauna heating system was constructed in accordance with state-of-the-art European safety standards, inspected and manufactured in accordance with the Quality Standard DIN

EN ISO 9001:2000.

This detailed installation and user‘s guide was created for your information. Please note especially the important information and the data dealing with the electrical connection.

We wish you a richly invigorating and restorative sauna bathing experience.

First of all, check whether the sauna system has arrived at your site undamaged. Register transport damage claims immediately with the delivering transport company or please consult the supplier who provided the equipment to you.

Intended use

This sauna heater is exclusively designed for the heating of sauna cabins, in connection with an appropriate control unit.

Any use apart from the defi ned application shall be regarded as non-intended use. Adherence to the conventional operating, maintenance and servicing conditions is also part of the intended use.

The manufacturer cannot be made responsible for deviating alterations undertaken on the authority of the user and any consequential damage. The risk for such measures shall be borne solely by the person carrying out the alterations and causing the damage.

Sauna heaters, with the exception of those used for household purposes, must be equipped with a safety device vis-à-vis the cover per DIN EN 60335-2-53.

As suitable measure, and depending on the sauna heater, a rocker switch Type I or Type

II may be installed above the heater.

(The rocker switch is not included in the delivery scope of the sauna heater.)


For installation and electrical connection of the rocker switch follow the installation instructions supplied with this part.

General notes

Please note that an optimal sauna climate can be reached only when the cabin, with its air intake and exhaust, the sauna heating unit and the control unit have been tuned for compatibility with one another.

Please note all data and information provided by your sauna supplier.

The sauna heating units warm your sauna cabin through means of heated convection currents. To this end, fresh air from the air intake vent is drawn in, rises upon warming

(convection) and is then circulated through the cabin. A part of the used air is pushed out through the exhaust vent in the cabin. This is the means by which the typical sauna climate develops, reaching characteristic temperatures of about 110° C directly under the ceiling of your sauna, which fall off to about 30-40°C in the fl oor area due to the temperature gradient in the sauna cabin. Therefore, it is not unusual when, for example, temperatures of

110°C prevail in the area of the temperature sensor over the oven, while the thermometer, which is installed 20-25 cm under the cabin ceiling on the sauna wall, registers only 85°

C. With a temperature setting at maximum, the mean bathing temperature lies between

80°C and 90°C in the area of the upper recliner bench.

Please note that the highest temperature values in the cabin always develop in the area above the sauna heating unit and that the temperature sensor and safety limiter must be installed in this area in accordance with the control unit installation guide.

At the initial heating, you may notice a slight odor arising from evaporation of substances from the manufacturing process. Air out your cabin after this cycle before you begin with the sauna bath



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