Rear Panel Features. Marshall Electronics AR-AM1

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Rear Panel Features. Marshall Electronics AR-AM1 | Manualzz


Rear Panel Features

Power Input Connector

Use only the included power supply to power the AR-AM1 audio monitor.

Audio Outputs

XLR- 3pin male connector. Balanced audio out is same level as XLR audio input. This is a passive output from the XLR

Audio Input.

Audio Inputs

XLR- 3pin female connector. Balanced audio in. Pin 1= ground, Pin 2= Signal +, Pin 3= Signal -

Line In *

RCA-Phono type female connector. Unbalanced audio in.

- NOTE - The RCA Line-In Jacks and the XLR inputs are always active. Use of both at the same time may produce undesired results. Both, inputs are mixed internally and then sent to the speakers/headphones. There are no provisions to adjust the mix between the inputs. Also, signals on the RCA Line-In do NOT appear on the XLR


Product Overview

The AR-AM1 is a single-channel stereo analog audio monitoring system. Designed for ultra-near field audio monitoring in space critical environments, the AR-AM1 is ideal for TV facilities, studios, post-production facilities, VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, satellite links, and wherever analog audio monitoring is required.

The AR-AM1 features stereo loudspeakers in a compact 1RU form factor, with analog amplification and digital processing providing pristine audio quality.


■ Superior Audio Quality

Stereo Loud Speakers provide superior audio quality in a compact 1RU form factor.

■ Digital Processing

Digital signal processing provides speaker protection.

■ Stereo Headphone Output

¼” stereo headphone jack located on front panel.

Installation and Initial Setup


Carefully unpack the AR-AM1 audio monitor and verify that the following items are included:

• AR-AM1 Audio Monitor

• Power Supply with 4-Pin XLR Connector (29VDC)

• AC Power Cable

• Operating Instructions

Inspect the unit for any physical damage that may have occurred during shipping. Should there be any damage, immediately contact Marshall Electronics at (800) 800-6608. If you are not located within the continental United States, call +1 (310) 333-0606.

Audio Monitor Installation

The AR-AM1 audio monitor can be installed in an EIA-standard 19-inch rack. At only 6.1” inches deep, the AR-AM1 can also be installed in many shallow racks cases. Alternately, the AR-AM1 audio monitor can be placed on any level surface.

For optimum sound quality, the audio monitor should be installed at ear level.


Quick Start Guide

1. Connect an Audio Source

Connect an audio source to one pair of the rear panel input connectors. We recommend the use of the Balanced XLR female connectors using a balanced audio signal with a nominal level of +4dBu.

2. Power On the Audio Monitor

Supply power to the audio monitor by connecting the included power supply to an AC power source (100-240 V @

50/60 Hz) and connecting the power supply’s 4-pin XLR connector to the back of the audio monitor. The Power LED on the front panel will illuminate green.

3. Adjust the Volume and Balance

Use the Volume and Balance controls to adjust the sound level and stereo balance.

Front Panel Features

Stereo Loudspeakers

The stereo loudspeakers are always active regardless of connected headphones.

Power Indication LED

The power LED will illuminate green when power is supplied to the audio monitor.

Headphone Output

The headphone output accepts stereo headphones with a 1/4" TRS connecter.

Headphone Volume Control

The headphone volume control affects only the stereo headphone jack.

Master Volume Control

The master volume control affects only the stereo speakers.

Balance Control

The balance control adjusts the relative level of each left and right input to the speakers and headphones.

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