INTRODUCTION. Macrom sp 4050

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INTRODUCTION. Macrom sp 4050 | Manualzz

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Macrom, who strive continually to achieve the ultimate in sound quality, have traditionally been a synonym for the very best in European sound and music reproduction. The fact that you have chosen this product means that you share our opinion. After reading this manual you will be in an even better position to appreciate all the advanced features in this new Amplifier.

This Amplifier incorporates an exceptional set of technical features, and for this reason all signal sources, loudspeakers and interconnecting elements must also be of the very highest quality. We recommend the use of Macrom high quality main subassemblies, electronic crossovers, loudspeaker systems, connecting leads and accessories. Similarly, because integration of these products is an extremely complex task, we advise you to leave the installation of this amplifier to your authorised MACROM dealer.

This Amplifier has no commands or controls that can be adjusted by the user, so read this manual very carefully, to familiarise yourself with the special features and functions of your new MACROM product. If in any doubt, contact your authorised MACROM dealer.



Just one faulty connection could damage the unit, so read the connection instructions provided in this manual very carefully.


Connect the battery lead to the (+) battery terminal last of all, and only after having completed and checked all the other connections.


Take care to install the amplifier in a position where both good air circulation and heat dissipation are guaranteed.


The fuses must always be replaced with fuses of identical ampere rating in order to prevent serious damage to the components. You should also first have the voltage regulator of your car checked. Never attempt to repair the unit yourself. Entrust any necessary repairs to a MACROM distributor or your local MACROM service centre.


To ensure the highest possible performance from this unit, try to obtain a temperature of between -10°C and +60°C inside your car before switching on the amplifier.


• 4/2 channel input mode switch

• 4/3/2 channel output mode switch

• Front, flat, low-pass or high-pass filter switch

• Rear, flat, low-pass or high-pass filter switch

• Continuous frequency control

• Continuous sensitivity control

• Current feed with Mos-Fet

• "Check Control" status indicator

• Remote-controlled start and stop

• Gold-plated RCA input terminals

• Professional gold-plated screw-type terminals


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1 • RCA Front input connectors: To connect the Pre output leads of the main unit to the amplifier input. These inputs control the final stages of the FRONT section.

2 • Adjustment of the gain of the Front Input: Adjusts input sensitivity of amplifier, which can vary between 200 mV and 4V.

4V 0,2V

3 • Front Crossover switch: selects the output mode of the amplifier by activating the Lowpass or High-pass filter.

Flat Low High a) Flat: the amplifier will reproduce the complete audio range in relation to the signal applied to the input.

20Hz 20kHz b) Low-pass: activation of the low-pass filter, i.e.

determination of the finishing-point of the low frequencies present at the Front outputs .

Flat Low High

20Hz 30 > 600Hz c) High-pass: activation of the low-pass filter, i.e.

determination of the starting-point of the high frequencies present at the Front outputs.

Flat Low High

30 > 600Hz 20kHz

4 • Continuous adjustment/control of the Front Low-Pass or High-Pass frequencies: once the low-pass or high-pass filter is inserted, the crossover frequency can be adjusted in continuous mode between 30 Hz and 600 Hz.







300 35

30 600

5 • 4CH/2CH/ input mode switch: selects the input configuration of the amplifier in the following ways:

2ch 4ch a) "4ch": requires connection of all four input channels, so that they can all function.

b) "2ch": If the main unit puts out two signals only, these must be connected to the Front input, to allow all four output channels to function.

Note: Sensitivity adjustments will, in any case, remain independent.

2ch 4ch



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