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CREATE A NEW SUBSTATION. Sulzer AquaProg 6 | Manualzz

Here the stations name / type etc. is set by the operator.

This chapter shows how a new substation is created in AquaProg and how an existing substation is opened.


Chose “Archive” in the menu and field “New substation”.

Following picture is shown:

Picture 5.1A: Communication settings –explanations on next page

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Reference to picture 5.1A above; here shall all the information regarding the communication be set.

Depending of type of communication



Name of the station The configuration file will be stored in a file with same name

Additional description Will not be a part of the file name

Type of station Crucial parameter in all set up.

If eight (8) is a land line or dial up modem; phone number to the substation here

Modbus / Comli ID Crucial parameter in all set up; 1 is the most common. If communicate with a substation directly thought the service port; the service port has always ID 1. If its wrong here the communications can’t establish contact.

6. Station ID If wrong here; Aquaprog gives a warning when connection is establish and then operate normal.

7. Direct connection This is when you have a strait RS232 cable from your computer to the service port. Make sure that the communication parameters are the same in substation as in Aquaprog (Com. Port no, Baud rate, Data bits, Parity).

7a. USB Port Direct communication with USB cable instead of RS232 (no consider the

Baud rate etc.), only for PC 441.

8. Modem Communication If you have a dial up or GSM modem installed on your computer; choose modem in the drop list.

9. Network communication; your local IP-address on your computer –you will find it in the drop box.

9a. The address to local LAN modem at site. Use port 2000 (has to be open through all the switches, routers and firewalls along the way)

10. Protocol Comli / Modbus RTU / TCP. If it’s wrong here the communications can’t establish contact

11. To be able to make any changes from the standard settings; click on setting


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Following is valid if the substation shall NOT be connected to ABS AQUAVISION.


Start by giving the substation a unique station name.

In this case we chose the station name “South Central”.


Give short description of what the substation /pump station is used for.



Set type of substation, i.e. what product will communicate with the AquaProg.

In this pump station there is as example a PCx with program version 1.10.

Set telephone number to the substation alt. IP-Address and port.

The telephone number must not be set if the substation is connected via a direct line (serial port) or network.

If a network connection is used, the substations IP-address and port number is entered.

These shall correspond to the local address in the substation or network modem.

The address is used as destination address when AquaProg shall send a message to a substation.

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5. Next step is to set a number of parameters, which are used, for the communication with the substation.

Comli identity: is an address, which is used by the Comli protocol. The address is set in the substation.

The substation only answers messages which have the same address as set. Normally the Comli identity is set =1, but if several substations are connected to the same line (multidrop) and have the same telephone number these will have no 2, 3 and so on.

This means that it is necessary to know which Comli identity is set in the substation.

Station number (ID): This number must be unique (a must if AQUAVISION is used). The number is used to identify the substations to allow for example to connect incoming alarms to the correct station.

Time limit in seconds: The max time for a message sent to the substation until answer is received. At time out the AquaProg repeats the message (tries again). Normally the time is set to

3-5 sec but has sometimes to be longer, for example when using radio communication.

Resending’s: Number of attempts which are made at time out according to above or if a wrong answer is received from the substation. When max number of resending’s are reached the normal operation is closed and an error message sent and shown on the screen. The parameter is normally set to three attempts, more attempts may be needed when for example the telephone lines are bad.

Here the normal settings are shown:

6. Choice between standard settings or individual settings for the communication parameters

When standard settings the parameters as in chapter 3.2 are used.

Here it is possible to give the substation its own communication parameters, which can be of advantage if the station is connected via direct line, or several modems are used.

For other information about settings see chapter 3.2

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Click OK, a new substation is created in AquaProg.

Here it is possible to save the substation directly (Menu Archive, select Save).

AquaProg will always ask if the substation is to be saved when the station or AquaProg is closed.

This information will be stored in the description file of the station (Station name.UCM).

Following is valid if the substation is connected to AQUAVISION.

If AQUAVISION is used on the same computer as AquaProg all substations should be connected to the AQUAVISION system.

AquaProg and AQUAVISION will in this case use the same communication parameters for each substation. This means that both can communicate with the substation simultaneously.

Another important point is how AquaProg stores the configuration from a substation.

When AQUAVISION is used each substation has a unique station number.

AquaProg stores the collected configuration files with different names depending on if the substation is connected to AQUAVISION or not.

File name: Station name.cfg (for ex. South Central.cfg) is used if the substation is not connected to AQUAVISION.

File name: Station number.cfg (for ex. 15.cfg) is used if the substation is connected to AQUAVISION.

A configuration file collected from a substation connected to AQUAVISION is stored with the unique station number as file name.

Both AquaProg and AQUAVISION now knows which substation is meant when a certain configuration file has to be handled (a substation can have different names in AquaProg and



Start by marking the box “Coupled to AquaVision system”.


Now chose which substation shall be opened via the station list.

The list shows all substations that use AQUAVISION.

If the substation is not used by AQUAVISION it cannot be connected to AQUAVISION.

3. Chose type of substation and write short description as described earlier.

4. Other fields are grey because the parameters are collected from the AquaVision system.

The substation is now created and ready for connection.

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AquaProg user guide


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