USB Communication. Sulzer AquaProg 6

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USB Communication. Sulzer AquaProg 6 | Manualzz

6.1.2 USB Communication

You have ability to communicate with PC 441 by USB. First time when you connect a PC 441 to your computer; you will get a message at the computer screen that says: Found new hardware. Follow that instructions and let your computer install the necessary drivers for PC 441.

The critical parameters are the same as RS232except those for direct RS232 without the baud rate.

Crucial parameters for setup USB communication in Aquaprog (see pic. 5.1A p.15 above)



Name of the station: Unique name for the station

Type of station: Use highest version type and make sure you have latest version in the substation.




Modbus / Comli ID: Same as in the substation.

Direct connection: Must be activated and the checkbox for USB marked

Protocol: Same as in the substation

6.1.3 Modem Communication

The modem you are going to use; has to be installed in Windows. Ensure you find your modem under the Control panel – Phone and Modems. It shall appear in the drop box under point 8 in the picture 2 above. The modem has to be a land line modem, analogue or GSM. It’s not possible to make a dial out call from ADSL modem etc.

Note If you have a GSM modem in one or both ends; make sure that SIM card(s) are open for “telematics” and data communication, have the option to answer to an incoming data call. These types of SIM can be difficult to get in some countries, specialty in USA. 95% of all failed communication by GSM has to do with these options of the SIM card.

Crucial parameters for setup modem communication in Aquaprog (see pic.5.1A p.15 above)

1. Name of the station: Unique name for the station

3 . Type of station: Use highest version type and make sure you have latest version in the substation.

4. Phone number to the substation

5. Modbus / Comli ID: when communicate over modem; the Comli/Modbus ID has to be same.

8. Modem Communication: The modem you attend to use at your computer has to be selected here in the drop box. If the modem not shows up in the drop box; it’s not installed in


10. Protocol: same as in the substation

Necessary equipment for modem communication

• Build-in modem in your laptop


• External modem with power supply

• RS232 cable from your laptop/computer’s RS232 port to the external modem

• If there is no RS232 port at your computer: use a USB-RS232 converter


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