Network communication. Sulzer AquaProg 6

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Network communication. Sulzer AquaProg 6 | Manualzz

• A phone cable from your computer/external modem to a phone jack (on the wall).

Preferable is a telephone line outside any switchboard, an analogue line.

6.1.4 Network communication

If you have substations which are connected to a LAN modems, you can communicate by TCP/IP to those stations if you have a local network connection and are in the same subnet, “same subnet” means that your local IP-address on your computer is close to the modem IP-address on site.

Crucial parameters for setup Network communication in Aquaprog (see pic.5.1A p.15 above)

1 . Name of the station: Unique name for the station


Type of station: Use highest version type and make sure you have latest version in the substation.


Modbus / Comli ID: Same as the substation, 1 is mostly common.


Network: Your local IP-address; you find in the drop list.

9a. The IP-address to your LAN modem at the site, use port 2000 and make sure that port is open all the way to the modem.


Protocol: Same as in the substation

Then all the communication settings are dune press OK and the dialog box will disappears. We shall now contact or call up the station.

6.1.5 Communication to AquaWeb connected substation

If your substation have an AquaWeb contract and your laptop is connected to Internet; you can connect Aquaprog to your substation if you have a login account in Aquaweb.

Click on “Open AquaWeb station”-icon and a new dialog box appear:

Click on Setup first time you do this. A new dialog box will appears

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You need your:

- Default Organization number in AquaWeb

- User name (NOT e-mail address) in AquaWeb

- Password in AquaWeb

- Save

After saving, the information is transferred back to the first login screen where you shall type in your AquaWeb password and then click at the login button.

After a succeed login, a dialog box appears with your stations.

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High light your station and proceed with “Open Station” box.

Next; give the station a description and select type of substation. Those values don’t affect any parameters in

AquaWeb, these values are only in your local computer and how Aquaprog will read the settings.

Then call the station as normal by clicking on the phone icon

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