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The communication between the AquaProg and a substation is established by connecting the substation. Connection can be to call the substation via a telephone modem or via direct line or radio. At connection the AquaProg uses the substations communication parameters to get the information about how the connection is to be made (modem name, baud rate etc….).

The information is stored in the substations description file (*.UCM).

A substation must be opened before it can be connected.


There are several ways of connecting a substation to AquaProg.

Here are two examples:

Click on the telephone in the tool field.

Chose “Connect substation” in the “Connection” menu.

It is not necessary to give the AquaProg a command to connect a substation.

AquaProg shows following picture if any function that demands connection is started.

Following picture is shown during the dial-up phase:

During this a number of faults can occur for example:

- Busy.

- Substation does not answer.

- Modem on receiver side does not answer.

All faults stop the connection and an error message is shown in the picture.

Some faults can take a long time for AquaProg to detect.

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When AquaProg has established contact with the substation following data will be collected:

Type of substation (UP20/PC4…).

Station number.

Remote/Local flag (only UP20/PCx).

If the substation is of a type not handled by AquaProg, a warning about this will be given and the line disconnected.

If the station number is not the same as set in the AquaProg following warning is given.

Local/Remote flag is only used by UP20/PCx.

If the substation is in local mode no changes can be made in the settings of the substation via the


Normally a local configuration of the substation is in progress.

A warning about this is given in a picture.

The substation is now connected to the AquaProg.

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