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CONFIGURATION TREE. Sulzer AquaProg 6 | Manualzz

If a configuration file is available following is shown:

Here the AquaProg signal database with start values from available configuration file is read.

In the next step the configuration tree is built:

When this is ready the substation is ready for configuration.


AquaProg uses the same tree structure as the Explorer in Windows for showing the parameters of the substation.

The tree is expanded by double clicking with the left mouse button on selected map or on plus sign

[+] and decreased by double clicking with left mouse button on minus sign [-].

First only the root map with station name is shown.

 Double click with left mouse button.

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AquaProg user guide


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The tree is expanded. What is shown depends on type of substation.

We want for ex. to change start level of pump 1.

In the folder settings there are all the configuration parameters for the substation.

Double click on settings.

Here are all folders with name, which relate to a function in the substation.

As we are to change start level we select the folder “Pump 1”

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AquaProg user guide


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We chose Pump 1.

Select folder “Start/Stop Levels”

Now we will change the start level to for ex. 1.50 m.

The parameter value can be change by clicking with the right hand mouse button on desired field

We click with right mouse button on Start level.

Enter 1.50 and click OK.

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AquaProg user guide


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When clicking same button as when starting finishes direct configuration.

Direct configuration is also stopped automatically when the line is closed or if AquaProg is closed.

When direct configuration is closed and the operator had changed something for example a start level the AquaProg asks if the changes should be saved in the substation configuration file.

This under the condition that configurations file was downloaded when direct configuration was started.

The advantage with this is that it is not necessary to download a new configuration file from the substation. Changes made are written directly in the already available configuration file.

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AquaProg user guide


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