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OFFLINE CONFIGURATION. Sulzer AquaProg 6 | Manualzz


A substation can also be configured without being connected.

In this case the configuration is done to the configuration file of the substation (offline).

This file can later be downloaded to selected station.

Following applies at offline configuration:

A configuration file (*.CFG) must be available.

This can be an earlier downloaded file or a file copied from another substation.

During installation of AquaProg a number of configuration files with standard settings for UP20 (for ex

F893 3-Pump with motor current) are included.

Any of these can be used.

At offline configuration there are some limitations in the automatic regarding sorts etc.

If a sort is changed on for ex. an input the sort is not changed automatically in all places where the signal is used in the configuration tree for ex. in the map for high and low level alarms.

The same applies for number if decimals a.s.o.

During direct configuration the connected substation handles this automatically..

The configuration file used to start must be for a substation of the same type (UP20, LPP4000..) to be used later.

The best way of using offline configuration is to use a file downloaded from the substation to be changed Make the changes offline and avoid changing parameters which are part of the I/O-system.

When this is ready download the configuration file to selected substation.


Offline configuration is opened by clicking on symbol below

Or select “Offline configuration” in the connection menu.

First is checked that the substation has a downloaded configuration file.

Following functions are the same as in direct configuration.

See chapter 6 direct configuration.

When offline configuration is finished and something has been changed following question will be asked:

Here is selected if the changes in the substation configuration file are to be saved or not.

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