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The function shows set and occurred events in a substation.

The function is selected by clicking on symbol below:

Or selecting “Collect events” in the Connection menu.

Following is shown:

Here you chose if a list of set or actual events is to be shown.

We select set events and click Execute. All set events in the substation are shown.

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AquaProg user guide


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You can also select to only show events, which have to do with a pump.

Select “Show events pump” and click Execute.

If you instead chose actual event list as category the AquaProg collects logged events from the substation.

Here you can chose between alarm events and other events.

We chose to mark both.

AquaProg collects the latest 15 events from the substation.

Clicking "More events…" collects the previous 15 events.

Displayed event list can be printed with button “Print”.

Sulzer Pump Solutions AB

AquaProg user guide


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