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UPGRADE SOFT/FIRMWARE. Sulzer AquaProg 6 | Manualzz


This function is used for upgrading the firmware of the different controllers.

Major program releases needs a key to be downloaded. This key is obtained from Sulzer.

Upgrade is selected by clicking:

Following is shown: (Depending on selected version of controller)

AquaProg reads following information from the connected substation:

Current program version, PCB version, Serial number, Manufacturing date and the current program key when applicable.

Here it is shown what software updates that can be made without a new program key.

Max version: The highest program version that the substation can be upgraded to with the current program key.

Min main version: The lowest current program version to allow upgrading.

To load new software, click "Open Program File".

Files used have the extension type .smf. E.g. PC441_V135.SMF.

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AquaProg user guide


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When the program file is opened following information is shown:

Here is shown what program version the file contain and what product it is intended for.

At the bottom the name and path of the file is shown (SV_PCx_V502.smf).

Since the program version of the program file is 5.02 and current key only allows upgrading to version 4.99 (see previous page), a new program key is needed to allow upgrading.

To start downloading of new software, click "Send Program File to Substation".

Following window is shown if the current program key doesn't allow upgrading:

Enter the new program key and click "OK".

All controlling of pumps etc. is stopped when the substation is in downloading mode.

Here is warning and a possibility to cancel.

Click "OK" to start downloading the new program.

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AquaProg user guide


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Following window is shown during downloading:

The downloading time is about 5 min. at 115200 Baud fixed line.

If a modem or lower connection speed is used the time for downloading is increasing consequently.

There is no risk by interrupting the download by pressing "Cancel".

The substation will restart and use the previous software.

The configuration in the substation is saved before downloading starts and is restored when the downloading is finished.

Following window is show after a upgrade has succeeded.

Thereafter AquaProg reads the manufacturing information and program key from the substation.

If the downloading is cancelled, following window is shown:

The substation continues to run the previous software.

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AquaProg user guide


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To be able to upgrade a substation, a correct program key and manufacturing information must be loaded. This is done at factory before delivery to customer.

If the information is corrupted, following window is shown:

Upgrading is not possible.

Contact Sulzer.

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AquaProg user guide


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