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OPERATING. Walker DSD56, MB | Manualzz

Safety Instructions


1. Operate the mower only in daylight or in good artificial light with good visibility of the area being mowed.

2. Sit on the seat when starting the engine and operating the machine. Keep feet on the deck footrests at all times when the tractor is moving and/or mower blades are operating. Never operate the tractor without a deck or implement installed.

3. For a beginning operator, learn to steer (maneuver) the tractor with a slow engine speed before attempting any mowing oper ation.

Be aware that, with the front mounted mower configuration, the back of the tractor swings to the outside during turns.


Do not mow around overhanging tree branches or bushes at the same height as the operator’s torso and head where inadvertent contact may cause injury.

4. Remember, for an emergency stop, the forward motion of the tractor can always be stopped by pulling the Forward Speed Control (FSC) into the NEUTRAL-PARK position.

5. In case the transmission drive belt breaks during operation, and if the machine is on a slope, the machine will freewheel down the slope. To

maintain control, immediately (1) Release the steering levers and simultaneously (2) Move the FSC to the NEUTRAL-PARK position.

When the machine is stopped or moving slowly, engage the parking brake.

NOTE: This is exactly the same procedure used to normally stop and park the machine.

6. Disengage the blade clutch and put the FSC in the NEUTRAL-PARK position before starting the engine (an ignition interlock switch normally prevents starting of the machine if these controls are in the OPERATING position).

7. Do not run the engine in a confined area

without adequate ventilation. Exhaust fumes are hazardous and can be deadly.

8. Do not carry passengers - maximum seating capacity is one (1) person.

9. Watch for holes, rocks, and roots in the terrain and for other hidden hazards. When mowing tall grass, mow higher than desired to expose any hidden obstacles. Then, clean the area and mow to the desired height.

10. Avoid sudden starts or stops. Before backing the machine up, look to the rear to be sure no one is behind the machine. Watch carefully for traffic when crossing or working near roadways.

11. Disengage the blade drive when transporting the machine across drives, sidewalks, etc. Never raise the mower deck while blades are rotating.


Do not mow or dump grass within 5 feet

(1.5 meters) of an embankment or retaining wall with drop off.

12. The maximum recommended side slope operating angle is 20 degrees or 33% grade.

When operating the machine on a slope, reduce speed and use caution to start, stop, and maneuver. To prevent tipping or loss of control of the machine, avoid sharp turns or sudden changes in direction.



Safety Instructions

13. Never adjust cutting height with the engine

running. Before adjusting cutting height or servicing, disengage the blade clutch (PTO), stop the engine, and remove the ignition key.

Wait for all movement to stop before getting off the seat.

NOTE: The clutch brake should normally stop drive line rotation within five (5) seconds of disengaging the PTO clutch.

14. For side discharge mower decks, do not oper-

ate with the grass deflector chute removed.

Keep the deflector in the lowest possible position.

15. When using the tilt-up deck, observe the following recommendations: a. Do not move tractor with deck in tilt-up position.

b. Never tilt body forward with deck in tilt-up position.

16. In case of a clogged or plugged mower deck: a. Disengage the blade clutch (PTO) and turn the engine off before leaving the seat.

b. LOOK to make sure blade drive shaft movement has stopped before trying to unclog the system.

c. Disconnect the spark plug wires.

d. Never place hands under the deck - use a stick or similar tool to remove clogged material.

17. If the cutting blades strike a solid object or the machine begins to vibrate abnormally, immediately disengage the blade clutch

(PTO), stop the engine, and wait for all

moving parts to stop. To prevent accidental starting, disconnect the spark plug wires.

Thoroughly inspect the mower and repair any damage before restarting the engine and operating the mower. Make sure cutter blades are in good condition and blade nuts are torqued to 60 ft-lb (81.3 N · m).

18. Do not touch the engine or muffler while the

engine is running or immediately after stopping the engine. These areas may be hot enough to cause serious burns.

19. When leaving the machine unattended, disengage the blade clutch (PTO), stop the engine, and remove the key.


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