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Assembly Instructions


Walker Mowers are shipped partially assembled to our distribution network, and are typically assembled by the selling dealer. For any additional assembly besides the following, contact your Walker dealer.

Battery Service

The battery is a completely sealed, non serviceable battery.

4. Tighten the bolt and nut until the axle spacer tube bottoms against the inside of the wheel fork (will not turn) while the wheel and spacer washers (if used) spin freely without binding.

Grease Fitting


Spacer Washer

Axle Spacer Tube

Battery Location

IMPORTANT: Make sure battery is securely mounted in the frame. A loose battery may cause damage to the case resulting in acid leakage and severe damage to the machine. A hazard may be created by damage to critical working parts and safety systems.

Mower Deck Assembly

Deck Caster Wheels Installation

1. Remove the bolt, nut, axle spacer tube, and spacer washers from each deck caster wheel fork.

NOTE: Spacer washers are used only when the optional semi-pneumatic deck wheels (8.25 x 2.75) are installed.

2. Fit the axle spacer tube through the wheel hub, position the spacer washer on each side of the hub (if used), and fit the assembly into the wheel fork.

3. Insert the 3/8-16 x 4-1/2 in. bolt through the wheel fork with the bolt head to the outside and install the 3/8-16 in. Keps nut.

Deck Caster Wheel Installation

Deck Discharge Chute Installation

(Side Discharge Models Only)

Attach the deck side discharge shield by positioning the shield hinge lug in front of the deck mount and fastening with two 3/8-16 x 1-1/4 in. bolts, 3/8-16

ESNA nuts, and 3/8 in. wave spring washers. The wave washers fit between the two hinging surfaces.

Tighten the nuts until the shield moves freely but is not loose.


DO NOT operate the machine without the grass deflector chute attached and in the lowest possible position.

Attach Shield

Deck Discharge Shield Installation


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