PTO Shaft Guard Installation. Walker DSD56, MB

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PTO Shaft Guard Installation. Walker DSD56, MB | Manualzz

Assembly Instructions

PTO Shaft Guard Installation

Position the shaft guard as shown and mount with two (2) 1/4-20 x 1/2 in. bolts.

Mower Deck Installation on Tractor

Deck Installation - Model MBV

1. Lightly grease each deck support arm (2) on the tractor. Refer to Mower Deck Installation photo for location of deck support arm.

Carrier Frame

Tube Sockets



PTO Shaft Guard Installation

Tilt-Up Roller Wheel Installation

Mount the two (2) tilt-up roller wheels on the brackets on the rear skirt of the deck housing using the

P/N 8490 axle bolt, 3/8 in. wave spring washer and

3/8-16 in. Whiz locknut. Tighten the axle bolt until the wheel rolls freely, but is not loose.

Roller Wheels

Deck Support


Mower Deck Installation

2. Engage the deck carrier frame tube sockets on the tractor support arms (refer to PTO Shaft

Guard Installation photo for socket location).

Slide the deck onto the support arms approximately 3 in. (76 mm).

3. Align and connect the splined PTO shaft and socket halves, as shown in PTO Shaft Connec-

tion photo. The PTO shaft has a pilot end to ease alignment of shaft; fit shaft end into socket and rotate shaft until the splines line up as indicated by arrows, then slide together.

Arrows on Shaft and Tube

(Used to Align When Sliding Together)

Roller Wheel Installation



Grease Deck

Support Arms

PTO Shaft Connection

4. Install the hitch pin through the hole on the end of each support arm to lock the deck in place

(re fer to Deck Counterweight Spring Installa-

tion photo). Two (2) hitch pins are included in the owner’s packet of materials.



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