Coupler Ring “Locked” Position. Walker DSD56, MB

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Coupler Ring “Locked” Position. Walker DSD56, MB | Manualzz

Assembly Instructions

5. Slide the deck the rest of the way on the deck arms.

6. Install the hitch pin through the hole on the end of each support arm to lock the deck in place

(refer to Deck Counterweight Spring Installa-

tion photo). Two (2) hitch pins are included in the owner’s packet of materials.

7. Remove Installation Tool from coupler ring and make sure the ring has “snapped” securely on the spline shaft.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT operate tractor with

Quick Coupler Installation Tool installed.

IMPORTANT: To prevent damage to the mower, make sure the PTO shaft assembly is securely locked on the tractor, with the locking balls fully seated in the groove and the ring in the full forward position (refer to the Coupler Ring

“Locked” Position photo). After installation, pull on the shaft to check for security.

Spring-Loaded Coupler Ring

In Fully Forward Position

8. Raise the mower body (instead of lifting the front of deck) and clip the counterweight springs to the receptacle on front of body. Lower the body to tension the springs. (Refer to Deck

Counterweight Spring Installation photo.)

9. With the counterweight springs connected, the weight on the deck caster wheels should be

15 to 25 Ib (6.8 to 11.3 kg); this adjustment is preset at the factory. If required, the spring tension can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the elastic stop nuts located underneath the lower spring hook, or contact your local dealer if additional help is required. Refer to Deck

Counterweight Spring Installation photo.

Spring Tension Adjustment Nut

Located Under Lower

Spring Hook (Not Visible)

Counterweight Springs

Clip Onto Body

With Body Tilted Up

Coupler Ring “Locked” Position

Hitch Pins

Lock Deck On

Support Arms

Deck Counterweight Spring Installation



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