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STARTING THE ENGINE. Walker DSD56, MB | Manualzz


Operating Instructions



Before operating the mower, read and understand all Safety Instructions and Operat­ ing Instructions.


NEVER run the engine in an enclosed or poorly ventilated area. Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide, an odorless and deadly gas.

1. Before attempting to start the engine, make sure the operator is in the seat, the Forward

Speed Control is in NEUTRAL-PARK position, and the blade clutch and parking brake are DIS-


NOTE: Release parking brake to prevent extra load on the starter if the transmission neutral is slightly out of adjustment.


A safety interlock switch system PRE-

VENTS CRANKING the engine with either the Forward Speed Control or the blade clutch (PTO) out of neutral. If the engine cranks otherwise, the safety system is not working and should be repaired or ad justed before operating the mower. DO NOT disconnect safety switches; they are for the operator’s protection.

2. Move the choke lever to the ON position and move the throttle 1/4 to 1/2 open (toward FAST).

Turn the ignition switch to the START position to start the engine. Release the key to RUN position as soon as the engine starts.

NOTE: The choke may not be required if the engine is warm.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT crank the engine continuously for more than 10 seconds at a time. If the engine does not start, turn the key to the

OFF position and allow a 60 second cool-down period between starting attempts. Failure to follow these guidelines can damage the starter motor and shorten battery life. Contact your

Walker dealer or authorized engine dealer for additional help.

3. After the engine starts, gradually move the choke to the OFF position, keeping enough choke on to allow the engine to run smoothly as it warms up. As soon as possible, move the choke to the OFF position.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the choke is in the

OFF position during normal engine operation; running with the choke in the ON position CAN damage the engine.



Learn to START, STOP, and MANEUVER the mower in a large, open area.

If the operator has not operated a ma chine with LEVER STEERING OR DUAL TRANS-

AXLES, steer ing and ground operation should be learned and practiced until the operator is completely comfortable handling the ma chine BEFORE ATTEMPTING



Keep feet on footrests at all times when the machine is moving. Never operate the tractor without a deck or implement installed.


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