Correct Operator Hand Position on the Controls. Walker DSD56, MB

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Correct Operator Hand Position on the Controls. Walker DSD56, MB | Manualzz

Operating Instructions

Beginning Recommendations are:

♦ Learn operation of the mower in an open area away from buildings, fences, and obstructions. Learn operation on flat ground

BEFORE operating on slopes.

♦ Start maneuvering the mower with SLOW engine speed and SLOW Forward Speed

Control setting until familiar with all operating characteristics.

♦ Remember it is not necessary to hold the steering levers forward (a unique Walker feature); always PULL on the levers for steering or for reverse motion of the mower.

♦ Learn to operate the mower with your left hand on the steering levers and right hand on Forward Speed Control. The use of two hands on the steering levers tends to cause overcontrol.

♦ Learn to operate the steering levers with smooth action. Jerky movements are hard on the transmission and lawn. For sharp turns, do not allow the inside wheel to stop and twist on the grass. Pull the steering lever controlling the inside wheel into reverse for a smooth “rolling” turn (one wheel roll ing forward while the other rolls backward).

♦ Practice maneuvering the mower until you can make it go exactly where you are aiming.

♦ Remember, for an emergency stop, or in case of loss of control, machine movement can always be stopped quickly by pulling the

Forward Speed Control into the NEU TRAL-

PARK position.


In case either of the transmission drive belts break during operation, and if the machine is on a slope, the machine will freewheel down the slope. To maintain control, immediately (1) Release the steering levers and simultaneously (2)

Move the FSC to the NEUTRAL-PARK position. When the machine is stopped or moving slowly, engage the parking brake.

NOTE: This is exactly the same procedure used to normally stop and park the machine.

NOTE: If the FSC lever will not stay in the selected position, the friction lock needs to be adjusted. Contact your Walker dealer.

2. Steer by pulling the lever on the side of desired direction of turn, e.g., pull the LH lever to turn

left. To minimize the possibility of overcontrol, use only one hand on both steering levers.

Pull Steering

Levers With

Left Hand

1. Move the FSC out of NEUTRAL-PARK position to the desired forward speed. DO NOT hold for ward on steering levers. It is not necessary to hold the FSC lever in position since a friction lock maintains the selected lever position (and forward travel speed).

Forward Speed Control


Correct Operator Hand Position on the Controls



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