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ENGAGING THE MOWER. Walker DSD56, MB | Manualzz


Operating Instructions

3. Reverse direction of the mower by pulling both levers backward.

NOTE: Smooth action on the steering levers will produce smooth mower operation. Remember to keep the engine and ground speed slow until learning the control response.

4. The FSC may be adjusted forward for faster ground speed and backward for slower ground speed. When mowing, ground speed should be adjusted to match the load on the cutter blades, i.e., as the engine pulls down in heavy cutting, pull back on the FSC lever to reduce ground speed. Adjusting ground speed helps maintain a balance between engine power and blade speed for high-quality cutting action.

5. Stop ground travel by pulling both steering levers backward to the NEUTRAL-PARK position

(trac tor not moving) and then moving the FSC lever to the NEUTRAL-PARK position.

NOTE: If the tractor creeps forward or backward with the FSC lever in the NEUTRAL-PARK position, the transmission control needs to be adjusted. Refer to ADJUSTMENTS of Trans-

mission Control in Maintenance Instructions.


1. Set the engine throttle at about 1/3 speed. Do not attempt to engage the blade clutch at

high engine speeds. This will drastically shorten drive belt life. Use only moderate engine speed when engaging the blade clutch.

2. Push the blade clutch lever SLOWLY forward to en gage the mower blades.


A safety interlock switch (seat switch) will cause the engine to stop if the blade clutch is engaged and the operator is not in the seat. The function of this switch should be checked by the operator raising off the seat and engaging the blade clutch; the engine should stop. If the switch is not working, it should be repaired or replaced before operating the mower. DO NOT disconnect the safety switches; they are for the operator’s protection.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT engage the blade clutch when transporting the mower across drives, sidewalks, loose materials, etc. DO NOT engage the blade clutch with the PTO shaft disconnected

(the mower deck removed from tractor).

Blade Clutch Engaged

Blade Clutch Disengaged


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